Shoot! I may not have moved far enough south into Texas. (I’m up near Dallas/Fort Worth, which has been damned cold.) Oh well, at least I won’t be covered by ice.


Comparing our latest cold outbreak to the ice-age map

Robert W Felix

Take a look at these graphs. The thick black line shows how far south the ice advanced during the last ice age. The dark dotted line shows how far south the ice advanced during a previous ice age.

Now look at the map below. It shows how far south the freezing temperatures, record low temperatures, extended during this las cold outbreak.

Do you see any similarities?

In my book Not by Fire but by Ice I warned that during an ice age, the climate of Chicago would move to Georgia.

Unfortunately, I fear that such a scenario may be unfolding before our very eyes.

Also unfortunately, I see our leaders vainly gearing up their attempts to fight the imagined – imagined! – ill effects of rising CO2 levels.

They are apparently ignorant of the fact that CO2 levels in the past have been far, far, far higher than today.

Now look at this graph, “Global Temperature and Atmospheric CO2 over Geologic Time.”

See where CO2 levels stand today (at the far right side of the graph)?

And do you see what happened the last time CO2 levels dropped that far in the past? An ice age!

Forget this global warming crap. We should be preparing for the colder weather that we must inevitably face.

Continuing our misguided attempts to fight global warming, I maintain, would border on criminal. An ice age, even a little ice age, would be far, far more dangerous than any purported warming.

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February 20, 2021 at 04:27PM