Another Blow! Two New Studies Show Climate Models Have “Large Deficits” …Running “Too Hot”

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Climate sensitivity and the warming pattern

By Die kalte Sonne
(German text translated/edited by P Gosselin)

In March 2018, we reported on a paper that derived the sensitivity of our climate system with the best data available. Lewis/Curry (2018) came to the result: 1.3 °C for doubling the CO2 content of the atmosphere during the rise (Transient Climate Response), long-term equilibrium (ECS) at 1.7 °C (see Table 3 of the paper).

The numbers hardly react sensitively to the choice of (larger) time windows, they fluctuate very little, whether one evaluates 1870…2016 or 1930…2016. There was a whole series of precursor studies also from other authors who also had found near these quite small values. Also papers examining historical periods (last glacial maximum to pre-industrial) do not contradict these low figures.

So the much more dramatic sensitivity estimates, especially from GCM model considerations (for General Circulation Models) — 1.86…

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