By Paul Homewood 



 I have been warning for some time that the real objective of the greens is to take our cars away from us.

Forcing us to buy ridiculous electric cars, which are totally unsuitable for many drivers, road tolls, cycle lanes etc have nothing to do with saving the planet. It is all about reducing our personal freedom to go where we want, when we want and for whatever reason we want:

Motorists are to be given up to £3,000 to replace their cars with greener forms of transport.

Drivers in built-up areas with the most polluting cars will receive public money to abandon their vehicle for ‘credits’.

These will be used on alternative modes of transport such as bicycles and electric scooters but will also work on congestion-easing forms like public transport, car clubs and taxis.

It is hoped that the move will reduce car dependency in major cities.

Motorists in the area who agree to have their car towed away for the duration of the trial will be given between £1,500 and £3,000 to spend on alternative transport.

The West Midlands scheme is being paid for as part of a £22million ‘future transport’ initiative funded by the government.

As we are increasingly becoming aware, the authorities have realised that there is simply not enough electrical generating nor transmission capacity to power our new electric car future. Hence the need to force cars off the road, if necessary by punitive road charges.

Of course, the rich and powerful will still retain their luxury cars.

The last few decades have witnessed a transformation in personal freedom, thanks to the motor car. We can, within reason, work where we want, instead of being tied to the local factory. We can shop where we want, instead of being stuck with the local Coop robdogs. We can go where we want, and do what we want, in our leisure time.

None of this was possible just a few decades ago. And now the socialist planners want to take it all away again.

This comment summed it up nicely:

Unfortunately it is these 35 year old London vegans who are setting policy, against the interests of the vast majority of people in this country. Out of London, people live in the real world.

If we wanted to waste hours every day travelling by public transport or in ludicrous car shares, we would choose to do that. Some of us have no other choice anyway, but cars have given most people in this country a level of personal freedom unheard of in the past.

Don’t let the socialists take it away from us.


February 20, 2021 at 04:03PM