Sky News host Chris Kenny says politicians should “stop virtue signalling” on energy after a deadly freeze came over Texas causing wind turbines to stop.

“Let’s talk about Texas and Western Australia, both huge states, both resources states, and both strangely intent on the green energy agenda,” Mr Kenny said.

“Texas is a rich oil and gas state, also rich in technology, industry and agriculture … and this week global warming was the least of their problems.”

Mr Kenny said the US state had “interestingly” pushed hard on renewable energy despite its large reserves of oil and gas, with wind energy providing “more electricity than coal last year”.

“In the cold snap, many wind turbines froze, cutting supplies and adding to an electricity crisis that is far from over just yet,” he said.

“Now to be sure there are other factors at play, high demands, gas plants frozen too, but certainly the failure of the wind turbines in the freezing conditions has played a role.

“When a state increases its reliance on renewables, it exposes itself to energy shortfalls, it diminishes its energy security.”

Mr Kenny spoke of the Western Australian Liberal Opposition, whose “eager” election promise is to “get rid of coal power and boost renewables”.

“The trouble is, everywhere they try this, it runs into strife.

“Politicians should stop virtue signalling on energy and stick to what is practical and deliverable.”