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Climate Activist Scientists Get all Verklempt Their Echo Chamber No Longer Exists on Twitter, Throw Tantrums and Leave

From Watts Up With That?

From France 24

Everything is hate and bots with these weak kneed crybullies.

Researchers have documented an explosion of hate and misinformation on Twitter since the Tesla billionaire took over in October 2022 — and now experts say communicating about climate science on the social network on which many of them rely is getting harder.

Policies aimed at curbing the deadly effects of climate change are accelerating, prompting a rise in what experts identify as organised resistance by opponents of climate reform.

Peter Gleick, a climate and water specialist with nearly 99,000 followers, announced on May 21 he would no longer post on the platform because it was amplifying racism and sexism.


For Background on Peter Gleick see these posts

These comments in reaction to Gleick’s dramatic, pearl-clutching, announcement of his departure sums up reality rather well.

Now that Twitter content moderators and healthy conversation enforcers are not amplifying climate activists nor suppressing dissenting voices it’s disheartening for those that believed everyone agrees with them.

Robert Rohde, a physicist and lead scientist at the non-profit environmental data analysis group Berkeley Earth, analysed activity on hundreds of accounts of widely followed specialists posting about climate science before and after the takeover.

He found climate scientists’ tweets were losing impact. The average number of likes they received was down 38 percent and average retweets fell 40 percent.


Deer in the headlights – Dessler is taking his ball and going home.

Andrew Dessler, professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, said he was moving most of his climate communication to Substack, a newsletter platform.

“Climate communications on Twitter are less useful (now) given that I can see that my tweets are getting less engagement,” he said.

“In response to almost any tweet concerning climate change, I find my notifications inundated with replies from verified accounts making misleading or misguided claims.”


The time record holder for cry-bullying, Katherine Hayhoe, is discussed in the article as well. Last time we interacted she called me a white supremacist or something.

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe said replies from apparent trolls or bots had shot up 

And of course Mann’s always complaining about organized conspiracies.

Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania and a regular target for abuse by deniers of climate change, said he believed the rise in misinformation was “organised and orchestrated” by opponents of climate reforms.


London Times graphic: Morano, Milloy and Musk!


By Craig Rucker 

The once sensible Times of London published a graphic featuring mega-entrepeneur Elon Musk, energy analyst Steve Milloy and CFACT’s own Marc Morano!

The subject?  Extended whining that once Musk freed Twitter, more and more people signed on to hear from Marc and Milloy on social media!

Boo hoo Times, all those people judging and choosing for themselves.  The horror!

What got this started?  Some left-wing group calling itself The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

CCDH said Morano and Milloy’s rapid social media growth resulted from Twitter’s new paid-for “Twitter Blue” subscription.

By “giving users blue verified badges for $8 a month,” CCDH told The Times, “Musk is giving climate ‘deniers’ a veneer of credibility they just couldn’t get before…  it helps them look legitimate, like a comparable source of authority to all the scientists and experts.”

It seems when all the “scientists and experts” agree that a natural weather event should be attributed to climate change, it is a sin to publish clear historical scientific data which contradicts climate computer models.

How about letting people judge for themselves?

Even better, London Times, how about doing your job, asking the tough questions and actually vetting the alarming claims of the climate-Left?


  • Craig RuckerCraig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue


By Paul Homewood


This BBC interview with Elon Musk has already been covered elsewhere, but Jesse Watters cleverly picks up on the BBC guy using the “Strategic Dialogue Institute” as an example of an organisation who says that hate speech is on the rise on Twitter.

As Jesse notes, the ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue), which laughingly calls itself independent, is funded by Bill Gates, George Soros, the UN and a host of western governments. According to their website:

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to safeguarding human rights and reversing the rising tide of polarisation, extremism and disinformation worldwide.

And its Annual Accounts even list its principal object is “to educate the public”:


It is so closely aligned to the Great Reset agenda that it might just as well be part of the WEF.

In other words, it is yet another of those shadowy organisation set up to brainwash the public.