“80% Renewables by 2030 – Its Bullsh*t”: Former Snowy 2 Pumped Hydro Boss Slams Aussie Green Energy Plans

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Climate Realists of Five Dock, JoNova; “… you were being realistic and they didn’t want to hear it. …” – Aussie climate and energy minister Chris Bowen has been accused of ignoring criticism of his green energy fantasies.

From the transcript;

… We can’t make this transition to we absolutely convinced we what we’ve got. The alternative is going to work. There’s going to be at a price point that it won’t kill the economy. At the moment, we’ve got neither of those.

Mark Colvin: you say the idea of getting to 80% renewables by 2030 is complete BS. You say closer to 80 years?

Yeah, well, you’ve got to build these things. You know, transmissionlines.

They say their own reports say you’ll need 82.0 or their equivalents12.1, 2.8, eight, ten years. So get eight. I can do my math. It’s got tobe 80, 70. So you’ll be another generation before anything like.

Anything like.

What they’re talking about occurs.

We know it’s never too late to learn a lesson. What would you say to Chris Bowen if he’s listening this morning?

Oh, take a big good and take.

A big, deep breath. You know, you’re a minister now. You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve got to you’ve got to put it all on the line and you’ve got to be you’ve got you’ve got to be honest to everybody about it. …Listen to the interview or read the transcript: https://omny.fm/shows/ben-fordham-full-show/it-s-bullshit-former-snowy-2-0-boss-sprays-chris-b#description

WUWT recently reported on the timetable and budget blowouts, but what this reveals is far worse.

Paul Broad, the man who ran the Snowy 2 project from 2013 to 2022, has accused the Australian Government of basing their entire green energy transition plan on fantasies.

Australia’s Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen appears to be the chief fantasist. Bowen has repeatedly revealed his terrifying ignorance of energy matters, like when he told Australians we can store electricity like water.

If Paul Broad is right, and someone who managed a major energy project for 10 years probably knows a few things about electricity and engineering, the future of the Australian electricity grid is in the hands of headstrong and ignorant fools. I believe the Aussie energy grid, or at least the East Coast side of the grid, is now headed for an inevitable crash.

The real world, the laws of physics, the vagaries of renewables, they don’t care about the fantasies of politicians. The trail of economic wreckage, from forced power cutbacks and factory power cuts due to grid shortfalls, has only just begun. Sooner or later, one fossil fuel plant closure too many will bring down the grid.