Let Them Ride Bikes! German Green Party Minister Uses Official Car To Fetch Her Forgotten Jacket

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From NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 30. April 2023

Green minister uses government car to fetch forgotten jacket while calling on citizens to ride bicycles 

Ursula Nonnemacher, Minister for Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection of the State of Brandenburg, at a meeting of the Bundesrat in Berlin

The climate activists are hypocrites who often preach water while guzzling wine.

Days ago we reported on how EU Council President Charles Michel, “in true bourgeois style”, spent a staggering 700,000 euros on private jet flights that even included short city-hops.

Here’s another example in Germany presented by Pleiteticker.de: While calling on citizens in a campaign to cycle to work, even in lousy weather to save energy, Brandenburg’s Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher has recently come under fire for using a government car to fetch a jacket she had forgotten in the the Bundestag. The car had to travel from Potsdam to Berlin (36 km) for the trivial errand.

Serial hypocrites

“In the past, Nonnenmacher also preferred petrol-powered official cars over the mandatory e-cars,” Pleiteticker reports. “As became known, in spring 2021 she had her forgotten jacket fetched in the Bundesrat by an official car belonging to her state secretary. The car drove from Potsdam to Berlin especially for this purpose.”

Later in April 2021, Nonnemacher also “used a petrol car for an official trip to Ravensbrück, although she actually had an electric official car at her disposal.”

Meanwhile, tax-paying citizens are being asked to forego cars, heat, meat, flying and bathing.