Yong Zhong: Basic Issues in the IPCC CO2 Narrative | Tom Nelson Pod #93

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Tom Nelson

About Yong Zhong:

1) Originally trained as a physics teacher.

2) Taught thermodynamics for undergraduates at age of 21.

3) Got in 1991 from Monash University.

4) Made several original contributions to electron and nuclear spin resonance spectroscopy*.

5) Invited to write a chapter in a handbook for researchers in the field.

6) Irritated by the ABC’s interviews on climate change.

7) Started presenting talks on climate physics on Yong Tuition at Youtube in 2019.

*Resonant absorption and emission of microwave by electron and nuclear spins in the presence of magnetic field.

00:00 Introduction

00:49 Irritation at Cox/Roberts “debate”

03:23 Presentation starts

07:15 Truly empirical formulas

14:09 Whole story about the sensitivity is just a joke

18:50 Calculating moon temperature?

21:17 Spectroscopy

26:49 Calculated noise

33:31 CO2 is missing

39:53 Proportion of CO2 absorption

46:15 Measured CO2 emission

57:17 The “calculation” of forcing

01:14:49 Key point of his research

01:25:39 Concluding remarks