Elitism: German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Views The Voting Public As A Flock Of Sheep

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From NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 15. January 2023

Creating majorities through panic…the wolf in a sheepskin gets exposed…German federal health minister Karl Lauterbach sees citizens as a flock of sheep.

Some 2 days ago, madeyousmile Twitter account owner posted a video title “Employee of the Month” depicting a dog rapidly and effectively herding sheep through a gate, see video below.

Hat-tip: Prof. Stefan Homburg

That video got the attention of German federal health minister Karl Lauterbach, who earlier in 2022 had tried to ram through a law to make the COVID vaccines mandatory.

Lauterbach’s reaction to the sheepherding video:

“Fantastic how a majority gets organized here.”

Lauterbach is also an overzealous climate crackdown proponent in the mold of WEF ideology.

In his view, people should be handled like a herd of sheep, panicked through whatever gate or transport vehicle they deem fit.

Lauterbach’s tweet unveils everything we suspected, if not more, about the overall agenda. The masses are to be herded about like sheep as they wish.

Minutes later, Lauterbach realized he had overstepped, and removed his comment.