No CO2-Induced Warming Trend Identifiable for the ‘Entire Territory of Italy’ Since 1948

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The warming “predicted from climate models” has not materialized in yet another temperature record.

In an “assessment of the performance of the climate projections” for all of Italy over the 1948-2021 period, we can observe no rising temperature trend (shown in green) that could align with the rise in CO2 emissions per a new study.

Rising CO2 emissions have been claimed to cause temperature rise in climate models (shown in red), but Italy’s temperature record has not cooperated with this projection.

Image Source: Koutsoyiannis and Montanari, 2022

The lack of correlation between CO2-induced warming from climate model predictions and the instrumental record for the entire territory of Italy is also observed in the instrumental record for Central England since the 17th century.

Image Source: CO2 Coalition

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By Kenneth Richard on 28. November 2022

No CO2-Induced Warming Trend Identifiable For The ‘Entire Territory Of Italy’ Since 1948 — NoTricksZone