Two Australian families end up in hospital trying to heat homes with coal burners

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Two families this week, one in Adelaide and one in Sydney, tried to heat their homes with charcoal barbecues. Thankfully no one died.

A household from Adelaide showed signs of carbon monoxide poisoning after trying to heat their house overnight with a charcoal burner. The incident follows another one in which a family of six were rushed to hospital in Sydney with carbon monoxide poisoning after attempting to heat their home with a portable BBQ (pictured)

Four more people are rushed to hospital after burning COALS inside their home as the price of electricity soars

Sam McPhee, DailyMail Australia

A second Australian household have been rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after attempting to warm their house with a charcoal burner – laying bare the reality of the country’s ongoing energy crisis.

Emergency services attended a home in Adelaide‘s Bedford Park on Friday morning after four people woke up feeling faint and suffering from nosebleeds. They had been attempting to warm their home overnight using a cooker. All four showed signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It comes after a family of six from Sydney’s west were also hospitalised this week after using a burner to warm their granny flat.

His father said it was a response to rising gas prices in Australia.

Energy poverty can be deadly.

The Sydney family of six were taken to Westmead Hospital after paramedics said they were displaying symptoms of monoxide poisoning

Four people “lucky to be alive” after indoor fire leaches carbon monoxide

Twenty South Australians have been admitted to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by unventilated heating in the past year.

The MFS has revealed that as well as the latest case, two people were taken to hospital last week.

“We are seeing a spate of people bringing outdoor heaters into the home, and burning heat beads, charcoal, and wood in unventilated rooms,” he said. “It is a combination of a very cold winter and the higher cost of electricity and gas (causing people to do this).

How can this be? South Australia has all that clean renewable energy …

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July 23, 2022