UK government grants consent for Sizewell C nuclear power station

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Existing Sizewell B nuclear power station

The usual climate/energy malcontents don’t like it, but there’s not much they do like that anyone who values reliability of supply, i.e. most of the public, could or should have confidence in. The main question is: how many years will it be before any electricity is generated from it, assuming nobody pulls the rug away?
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Sizewell C has moved a step closer to starting construction after the Government today gave planning consent for the new power station in Suffolk, says Energy Live News.

Just a few days ago, the UK’s nuclear regulator said the licence application for the proposed Sizewell C nuclear power station in Suffolk met almost all requirements.

The Development Consent Order application was submitted in May 2020 and sets out the range of measures the project will take to mitigate the effects of construction and maximise the benefits for local communities.

Carly Vince, Sizewell C’s Chief Planning Officer, said: “I am delighted that, after months of careful consideration, the government has given planning consent for Sizewell C. It is a big endorsement of our proposals and supports our view that this is the right project in the right place.

“Sizewell C will be good for the region, creating thousands of opportunities for local people and businesses. It will boost local biodiversity and leave a legacy Suffolk can be proud of.”

Sizewell C said negotiations with the government on raising funds for the project are continuing and a Financial Investment Decision is expected in 2023.

The British Government has already announced it will take a 20% stake in the proposed Sizewell C nuclear power project.

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More project information here.

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July 20, 2022, by oldbrew