E-Vehicles Are Like Covid Vaccines: Sold to Public Based on Wildly Unrealistic Exaggerations

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Breitbart here presents a report on Youtubers who compared an electric Ford F-150 pickup and a gasoline engine GMC Denali Ultimate Edition to see how far each could tow a trailer.

The results of the electric Ford pickup remind me of the promises made by the COVID vaccine manufacturers: wildly exaggerated and probably more harmful than beneficial. As the video shows: you’d have to be a moron to buy either knowing what we know today.

At the start of the trip, Ford’s onboard computer calculated the vehicle would be able to travel 160 miles (257 km) before needing to be recharged. 

The reality: only 85 miles, and that under ideal highway conditions! Imagine hilly country, in the wintertime. What a joke.

In summary, by the time you’d reach your destination (if ever), your vacation would be long over. Gasoline, and especially diesel, leave electric vehicles in the dust.

Communism, COVID vaccines and long-haul e-vehicles: all deliver just the opposite of what their makers promised.

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By P Gosselin on 9. July 2022