Scientists Link 1950s-Present Climate Change in Europe to Sunshine Duration, ‘Natural Factors’

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There has been a “strong upward trend” in solar radiation over the European continent since the 1980s driven by natural ocean circulation factors responsible for “triggering and controlling the entire chain of events in climate processes.”

new study references Dr. Michael Mann’s claim that “changes in SST and heat resources in the waters of the North Atlantic take place owing to anthropogenic factors.”

The authors have found conclusive evidence Mann’s so-called thesis is “inconsistent with both empirical data and modeling results” and, more directly, Mann’s claims are “not reflected in reality.”

The North Atlantic’s thermohaline circulation is the primary factor controlling all the climate processes in central Europe, especially the long-term (1951-2015) variability in sunshine duration.

The upward trend in sunshine duration since the 1980s can easily explain any warming across Europe during this period. Variability in sunshine duration is natural and occurs “without reference to anthropogenic aerosol.”

Image Source: Marsz et al., 2022

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By Kenneth Richard on 16. June 2022

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