Lockdown Sceptics prints a reply by Neil Ferguson to an article yesterday by Derek Winton criticising the Imperial College Modelling of the Coronavirus epidemic. 

In it Ferguson replies to the person who sent him the Winton article:

I presume you sent me this because you feel upset, angry, that no-one is listening, want to hurt me or change my mind. Or all of the above.

…and cites just one source in his defence:

The Conspiracy Theory Handbook, by Lewandowsky and Cook. 

Lewandowsky is fast establishing himself as the go-to expert on countering misinformation. He has has been all over minor media outlets lately publicising a survey on attitudes to vaccination which he carried out. It’s really up to us to point out just what kind of expert he is. 

via Climate Scepticism


February 21, 2021 at 02:58AM