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With Trump soon to be out of Office, the Party of Peace needs a new enemy

Looks like Don Winslow has opened the ACME: Instant-Target-of-Hate box. It’s almost like he is baiting the right to do something violent for the inauguration.

Start your list now of all the people you would like to see denounce this racist video, then send them an email asking if they support this kind of bigoted incitement?

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This is so dangerous it’s hard to sum up in a tweet. It puts a target on the head of every conservative, calls for war and propagandizes to form a vigilante group that would narc on neighbors. If Hitler or Stalin we’re alive today, they’d proudly use this video. Sick and evil.

Twitter and Youtube banned the race hate already…  Wait!… noooooo. Some kinds of hate are high fashion on the Left.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build, support, and share any social media platforms that aren’t Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Google. Dis-invest yourself, and ask your superfund/401K to boycott them too.

Tucker Carlson: Why are there 25,000 (dis) armed troops in Washington DC?

Bigotry unleashed

Carlson on the 25,000 troops: “This is purely a show of force.”

(Jo hopes it’s just a wildly expensive photo-op.)

“Your color and gender mark you as a potential enemy of the state.”

“Background checks because of your race and gender?”

Apparently, Democrats support a new secret police agency (because having the FBI and CIA actively-ignore-the-Hunter-Biden-laptop for a year is not enough?)

Tucker Carlson wonders about the Body Armor ban: “What could possibly be the motive for banning body armour? For banning something that cannot be used in any way to hurt someone else?”

Congressman Steve Cohen just told us on CNN that every white man in this country is a potential murderer. Every white man in America should be under suspicion purely on the basis of being white and male of planning a presidential assassination. The National Guard troops, who are overwhelmingly white and male, must therefore undergo government background checks to prove they are not planning murder.

The core belief on the Left seems to be that they are superior to “Deplorables” because they believe the leftist doctrine. Since this is so shallow — ultimately they need an enemy to feel better about themselves — and to unify against. It might be the only thing that stops in-fighting breaking out amongst an ad hoc collective of identity groups who otherwise have nothing in common. With the left now in control of the Federal Government, the bureaucracy, the universities, the corporations, big tech and the media, they are having to look further afield for their objects of derision and hate. To judge by the video above, nearly any white man will do.

The incentive to run another false flag event must be tempting. Violence would be the perfect excuse to tar the Right, demand more gun control, more inquisitions, and more heads. We know whoever planted the pipe bombs was thwarted on January 6. Will they try again?

Here’s hoping inauguration day is civil and peaceful. Trump supporters would be wise to stay away unless they are there with camera’s running to report the action that the media will not.

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January 19, 2021 at 06:07AM