Sweden now has the lowest Covid-19 death rate in Europe

And it never locked down.

19 Oct 2020 – Swedish health chief Olivia Wigzell explained that her country didn’t impose the kind of draconian lockdowns seen in other European countries in order to prevent the public from developing “pandemic fatigue.”

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweden chose to go for herd immunity by refusing to impose a hard lockdown. Bars, restaurants, gyms, workplaces and schools remained open. Vulnerable people were told to shield while mandatory mask rules were avoided.

Despite the mainstream media predicting that this would lead to massive fatalities, Sweden has recorded under 6,000 coronavirus deaths and now has the lowest death rate in Europe.

The Scandinavian country’s GDP fared better than the rest of Europe and now large segments of the population have developed herd immunity, reducing the impact of any potential “second wave.”

A young woman posted a video of herself boarding a train in Stockholm showing minimal social distancing and hardly anyone wearing masks.

See video:

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October 16, 2020 at 02:12PM

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