Meet the drain sock — a simple pollution solution taking the world by storm

Iowa Climate Science Education

From ABC

(Don?t think this is scalable to large municipalities myself~ctm)

By Gian De Poloni

Updated Sat at 9:20pm

Video: A drain sock stopping litter from polluting local waterways (ABC News)

Cities across the globe are looking to Australia for a simple pollution solution to stop rubbish from spoiling creeks and river systems.

Key points:

  • The City of Kwinana drain sock idea went viral internationally on Facebook
  • Close by, the City of Cockburn has managed to turn rubbish into road base
  • The ideas have attracted attention from as far as Europe and South America

The City of Kwinana, south of Perth, has generated international interest for its drain socks.

In March 2018, nets were fitted to the mouths of two local stormwater drains to trap litter and debris that washed into the system after a rain storm.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said more than 25 million people had since interacted…

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