Is the lockdown really helping? Or is it simply prolonging the inevitable?


Sweden, which did NOT lock down, has lower death rate than USA

Deaths per million of population
Sweden : 585
USA : 698


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Note: I did not take the time to confirm all of the numbers in the above image, but according to this CDC page, the 2,813,503 figure  for 2017 is right on the money.

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October 27, 2020 at 02:38PM

A Snake-like Filament Erupts while a Solar Storm Rages | Space Weather News 10.26.2020

This week our Sun continues its upward climb in activity with multiple new bright regions on the Earth-facing disk, including a new sunspot region (region 2778).

On top of this we finally had that massive snake-like filament that we first saw in STEREO-

A’s view on the far side of the Sun launch as a non-Earth directed solar storm.

Plus, we are also in the middle of a solar storm due to the fast wind from the northern coronal hole.

This storm, which will likely rage for a few more days before settling down, has already brought aurora down to mid-latitudes, and there is a good chance more is to come!

Learn the details of the current storm conditions, see where that snake-like filament launch is headed, watch region 2778 emerge and learn what else our Sun has in store this week.

This Space Weather News forecast sponsored in part by Millersville University:

Google Promotes Bogus Claim on Shellfish Production

Google recently featured an article claiming that climate change is decimating Maine shellfish production.

Andy Singer breaks down the data behind this claim to blow a hole in the whole alarmist narrative.

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Why Renewable Energy Is Environmentally Destructive

Andy Singer breaks down why switching to all renewable energy would be environmentally destructive.

Conventional energy sources provide large amounts of energy with minimal land use.

Renewable sources like wind and solar take more space to generate the same amount of energy, requiring the destruction of nature.

Told you so: EU report about vanishing beaches was alarmist and wrong, scientists say

Sandy beaches are much less vulnerable to rising seas than was claimed in a recent European Commission study which caused “unnecessary alarm”, research has found.

Beaches will survive by migrating landwards as the sea level rises as long as they are given space to move and not impeded by sea walls and other structures on the coast, the research shows.

The new findings contradict claims made in March in a study by the commission’s joint research centre, which supplies scientific evidence to guide EU policy.

The study was publicised with a press release headlined “Climate Change: Life’s a (disappearing) beach”.

It claimed that half of the world’s beaches could disappear by the end of the century under current trends in climate change and sea levelsrise.

The study also suggested that rising seas could wipe out almost 1,000 miles of sandy beaches in the UK by 2100.

But scientists from 12 universities around the world, including Ulster University and the University of Plymouth, re-examined the data and methodology that underpinned the study and found it was based on flawed computer models and an “arbitrary and unjustified” assumption about the fate of beaches as shorelines moved.

They have published a strongly worded rebuttal to the study in the same journal, Nature Climate Change, in which it appeared. They say its conclusions are not just wrong but could result in “economically and environmentally disastrous” solutions being implemented.

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Contrary to a European Commission report, beaches with space to retreat, such as Slapton Sands in Devon, will survive rising seas, a report from 12 universities says

Told you so: Studies claim beaches are disappearing. Markets think studies are idiotic

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October 27, 2020 at 02:03PM

Arctic Blast Sweeping Across The US

Late-October Arctic blast makes temperatures feel like winter for millions of Americans across the Plains.

Temperatures dipped to single digits in Denver on Tuesday morning and Albuquerque, New Mexico, recorded 15 degrees (-9.4C) as bitterly cold air poured in from the Arctic.

Colder weather will expand to the Northeast Wednesday.

Note that temperatures plunged to 30F as far south as Dallas and southern Arizona; even into Mexico.

Where’s all that global warming that the Green New Swindle Deal wants to alleviate?

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