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Germans Appear to Have Had Enough Climate Disruption

From Watts Up With That?

Police officers on May 16, 2023 carry away a climate activist from “Letzte Generation” (Last Generation), who had glued himself to a street in Berlin.

According to CNN, German Police have been cracking down on organized Climate Protest rings.

(CNN) — German investigators have launched a nationwide raid against members of the Last Generation climate activist group, the Munich State Prosecutor’s Office said Wednesday.

A total of 15 properties in seven German states have been searched as part of the raids conducted on behalf of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) and the Munich General Public Prosecutor’s Office, authorities said.

Four searches took place in Berlin, three in Bavaria and three in Hesse. There were further actions in Hamburg, Magdeburg, Dresden, and Schleswig-Holstein, authorities said.

The Prosecutor General’s Office in Munich said it had initiated a preliminary investigation “due to numerous criminal complaints from the population” against a total of seven defendants aged 22 to 38 years, “on the charge of forming or supporting a criminal organization.” The notifications had been received since the middle of 2022.https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/24/europe/german-police-raid-last-generation-climate-activists-intl/index.html

Defendants are accused of setting up organized fundraising to finance “further crimes”, such as blockades and art vandalism by advertising on the Last Generation website. They have apparently collected at least 1.4 million Euros.

Let’s hope other countries follow suit and apply the law equally and not give vandals a pass because the authorities believe in the vandals’ cause.

Climate Extremists Vandalise Historic Roman Monument — Watts Up With That?

Climate vandals attacking the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Rome. Source Corriere Del Sera, fair use, low resolution image to identify the subject.

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Another pathetic green attack on Western heritage, this time a fountain in Rome which was built in the late 1600s.

Last generation, in the fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona thrown charcoal: ‘Future as black as water’

by Ester Palma

Charcoal in the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza NavonaLast generation returns to attack the Roman artistic heritage. At 15 four activists linked to the ‘Let’s not pay for the fossil’ campaign, promoted by the assault environmental group. After the blockades of cars on the Gra and the naked and chained demonstration in via del Tritone, the activists poured vegetable charcoal diluted in the water of the precious baroque work designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, to ‘to raise the alarm on the black future that awaits humanity and that is already manifesting itself with increasingly frequent droughts and floods’. In the evening, the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano went to Piazza Navona: ‘I carried out an inspection to check the conditions of the fountain of the Four Rivers, today targeted by an action of the eco-vandals‘.

…Read more: https://roma.corriere.it/notizie/cronaca/23_maggio_06/ultima-generazione-nella-fontana-dei-quattro-fiumi-in-piazza-navona-gettato-carbone-vegetale-futuro-nero-come-l-acqua-3470063c-4811-4d67-b11b-30135335dxlk.shtml

This story reminds me of a horrible story I once heard, about a western tourist who was raped in New Guinea. The attackers cut off one of her fingers, so whenever she looked at her hand, she would remember the snarling faces of her attackers, their cruelty and mockery of her distress and pain.

Those eco-vandals wanted to permanently mark a piece of our a precious heritage, just as the rapists wanted to mark the body of that poor woman.

To be fair the eco-vandals didn’t try to hurt anyone, but this need to make a mark, to leave a permanent scar, seems disturbingly similar.

I doubt these extreme acts of vandalism are raising sympathy for climate action.