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PNG Officials Charged with Skimming $2 million of Climate Aid Money

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Who could have predicted that if the USA and other rich donor nations drop millions of dollars of climate aid into poor countries with serious corruption problems, some of it might be stolen?

PNG climate change officials accused of skimming $2 million in public funds

Exclusive by PNG correspondent Tim SwanstonStephen Long and Theckla Gunga

Senior staff at the government body responsible for carrying out Papua New Guinea’s climate change response are facing major criminal proceedings after the alleged misappropriation of more than $2 million.

Key points:

  • Staff at PNG’s Climate Change and Development Authority have been accused of corruption and misappropriation of public funds
  • Finance manager Ivan Aipi faces 35 charges, including illegally executing cheques for the benefit of his boss and associates
  • The ABC understands two whistleblowers raised concerns with authorities last year

Police have arrested and charged Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA)’s finance manager, Ivan Aipi, after armed officers raided the authority’s Port Moresby premises earlier this year, seizing computers and financial records.

The allegations against CCDA staff include official corruption and misappropriation of public funds, and “illegally executing” cheques for the benefit of CCDA’s acting managing director William Lakain and his associates.

The body is funded by local taxes, international grants including money provided by the United Nations, and contributions from a rainforest preservation project with links to Australian businesses.

A Four Corners investigation earlier this year found logging was taking place in rainforests that were meant to be protected by the project, which has sold carbon credits to Australian banks, super funds, law firms, the Sydney Opera House, and environmental group Planet Ark.

Police raided the CCDA just days before the report aired.

…Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-28/png-national-climate-change-officers-accused-of-skimming-funds/102230786

10% for the big guy? Obviously I’m talking about a different big guy than whoever Hunter Biden referenced in his laptop emails, because there is plainly nothing suspicious about Hunter Biden’s financial activities. And of course the PNG officials have not been convicted of a crime, they have only been charged with misappropriation of public funds at this stage.

WUWT reported on the referenced Four Corners carbon credit scandal expose back in February.