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The Weather Channel’s Absurd ‘Hot’ Propaganda

From ClimateREALISM

By Jim Lakely

The Weather Channel is absolutely ridiculous. The channel’s “Weather Across the Country” map on their homepage for September 19 had red colors EVERYWHERE! Because it’s HOT HOT HOT! No area of the country is experiencing normal weather for mid September, apparently. Chicago, for instance, was displayed as red to deep orange. Warm, right?

I can tell you from personal experience: It was “freezing” on Tuesday, September 19 in Northern Illinois for a day that is still technically summer. It rained all day and barely got over 60 all afternoon. I regretted not wearing a jacket to the office.

On this map, Seattle is in “yellow/green” denoting cooler weather, but I can assure you that today in Chicago felt like Seattle … and it probably felt a lot warmer in Seattle where The Weather Channel said, and showed with color, that it was significantly “cooler.”

Kansas City is 82 degrees and is in orange, approaching light orange to “cooler” yellow. Oklahoma City is also 82 degrees, but is DEEP RED HOT and close to the now new “hot” color of whitish pink. (When I was a kid, they saved the “white” color for cold. Now it’s “white hot”!)

Minot, North Dakota was allegedly 86 degrees today and is in “cool” yellow. Jacksonville, Florida is one degree higher at 87 and is in “deep red hot.” Missed opportunity there for The Weather Channel to move even more reds deeper into North Dakota, since it’s their goal to make it seem like going to towards the Canadian border is like visiting Florida. It’s like Florida everywhere!

More BS: International Falls, Minnesota is 70 degrees and portrayed as “red hot.” St. Louis, Missouri is 86 degrees and has the same color scheme, but even closer to a cooler orange and yellow. How can that be for a forecast of the high temperatures for the day?

HOT DAMN! I just noticed that Oklahoma City is 82 degrees and in deep red color and close to “hot pink” while St. Louis — 4 degrees hotter — is in orange to yellow.

The Weather Channel is propagandizing America. It is part of the “climate change causes everything, all the time, everywhere” effort to brainwash people to believe the myth that the summer of 2023 was the hottest year ever on record. EVER!!!!! They do that with visual propaganda, displayed above. But the facts and data show, that is just not true.

The Weather Channel has a mandate to continually reinforce climate alarmist propaganda by making you think, at a glance, that most of the middle of this country in September is just as warm as Florida. The historic heat wave we talked about all summer (but wasn’t actually historic) continues!

THIS IS THE TRUTH: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 was a cool, rainy, and dreary day in Chicagoland — yet the map by The Weather Channel would make you think otherwise. And, by the way, the weathermen on TV said it would rain a bit in the late morning, but clear up and warm up later in the afternoon. WRONG, AGAIN. These are the same people who assure us that most of Florida will be underwater by the time children now in Kindergarten are in their mid-50s, like me.

It’s all BS all the way down, and they know it. But they just need to keep enough people believing it long enough so the people will stop thinking for themselves and remember how the weather used to be delivered to us compared to now.

It’s all about advancing a larger agenda of panic about the climate and government “solutions” that take away your liberty. Green on the outside, deep red on the inside.

Weather forecasting is an inexact science. We all know that. But these same people assure us that unless we give up our way of life — a life of going where we want, growing enough food for everyone, driving for family vacations — these maps will get even more red! It’s a lie, but it’s insidious and unceasing.

Heartland friend John Coleman, who passed away a few years ago, founded The Weather Channel. He was aghast at what had become of his dream: a channel dedicated 24/7 to telling all of America what was happening with the weather across the country and in their backyard. It was a revolutionary idea, and The Weather Channel he founded became the go-to and trusted source for truthful weather information.

John was horrified that his idea had been infiltrated by climate alarmists and turned into a propaganda outfit.

Below is one of the best presentations John ever gave at one of Heartland’s climate conferences.

Here is John Coleman embarrassing CNN’s Brian Stelter when he made the mistake of booking him on his show — a media appearance I was honored to arrange for him.

I miss you, John Coleman.

Jim Lakely


Jim Lakely is the Vice President of The Heartland Institute.

YouTube suppressed this pushback video on heat wave alarmism – let’s give it a second life

From Watts Up With That?

By Anthony Watts

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From Jim Lakely at the Heartland Institute:

A viral heat wave video was just nuked by YouTube. It’s not just no longer being promoted by YouTube’s algorithm, it’s being actively suppressed. It went from 8,051 total views between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. yesterday to 181 views in that same time period 24 hours later.

A video doesn’t drop in views by 98% in 24 hours “organically.” That is literally impossible — especially since it has the most comments and likes of any of our videos in months. Those are the things that YouTube says its smiles upon because viewers are choosing to engage with the video. People engaged with videos keep watching YouTube, which makes revenue for Alphabet/Google/YouTube. This was done on purpose by ideologues in power at YouTube.

We suspect that many of our climate skeptic videos are suppressed by YouTube, but it’s very hard to prove. How do you prove someone at YouTube is suppressing views to your content? Maybe your video just isn’t “hitting” with audiences. So make better videos next time! Well, this is about as clear as any evidence can be, because it was a HUGE hit with audiences — a timely short video addressing a big story (heat waves) that exploded in views almost instantly — until it suddenly wasn’t.

Please Tweet and Share this post so that the video is watched – pushback against corporate suppression.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnSyDr0F9_M

Bill McKibben: Is It Hot Enough Yet for Politicians to Take Real Action?

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

According to McKibben, even Canada is backsliding and compromising. And Britain’s opposition leader “hates tree huggers”.

Is It Hot Enough Yet for Politicians to Take Real Action?

The latest record temperatures are driving, again precisely as scientists have predicted, a cascading series of disasters around the world.

By Bill McKibben
July 11, 2023

We’ve crushed so many temperature records recently—the hottest day ever measured by average global temperature, the hottest week, the hottest June, …

So the crisis is everywhere—that’s why it’s called global warming. But the case of Canada is interesting, because it’s a liberal democracy with a strong environmental sentiment—polling earlier this year found that seventy-five per cent of Canadians were anxious about climate change; twenty-one per cent of the population was having fewer or no children as a result. …

Yet none of this has been enough to really change the political dynamic, which remains dominated by the fossil-fuel industry. Justin Trudeau’s government had been making noises about a plan to dramatically cut emissions—perhaps by forty-five per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, in line with what climate scientists have set as the necessary targets. But the government quickly began to back down after a meeting in June with officials in the oil-rich province of Alberta, when the Minister of Natural Resources, Jonathan Wilkinson, explained that “we have committed to a cap on oil and gas emissions. But there are lots of different ways to do that. There are flexibilities and how you design it.” The targets may shrink, the timetables may fade, and, incredibly, Canada may decide to count increased exports of fossil gas as a method of cutting carbon. 

But it’s not fair to just pick on Canada. In the United States, President Biden has laid claim to a powerful environmental legacy by passing the Inflation Reduction Act, but his Administration also approved both a giant oil and a giant L.N.G. project, in Alaska; the Mountain Valley Pipeline, in the Virginias; and lots of offshore leasing—and it may back big L.N.G. terminals on the Gulf Coast. In Great Britain, the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer, was quoted in the Times of London on Sunday as saying that he “hates tree-huggers,” probably because they keep pushing for more action than his party wants to commit to.

Read more: 


Bill McKibben himself is not without his own climate controversies. McKibben had a hard time remembering who his sponsors are in “Planet of the Humans“, though McKibben’s supporters strongly denounced the documentary’s portrayal of their climate hero.

You can view the full documentary here.

Note I am not accusing McKibben of financial wrongdoing. As far as I know McKibben has not broken any laws. And for what it’s worth, I think McKibben is a true believer when it comes to climate change.

McKibben claims government support is required because although simple economics is driving the green revolution, economics alone will not drive the transition quickly enough.

We may soon have a chance to test this theory. My crystal ball tells me 2024 will see a strong showing for America First Republicans. In the bloodbath of subsidies which will follow a likely Republican victory, I doubt green projects will continue to receive the same level of support they received under the Biden administration. The test of McKibben’s claim that green energy is economically viable will be whether green energy installations survive the coming withdrawal of government support.

Earth Experiencing ‘Hottest Day Ever’ Is a Deliberate Lie

From ClimateRealism

By James Taylor

The establishment media are reporting that the world this past week recorded its hottest day ever. Such claims are provable falsehoods and misinformation, designed to fool people into supporting government programs to address an asserted climate crisis.

Reuters, for example, published a July 7 article titled, “World breaks hottest-day record for third time this week, U.S. agency says.” The lead sentence of the Reuters article asserts, “The world recorded its hottest day ever on Thursday, breaking previous highs set on Monday and Tuesday as global average temperatures continue to climb, according to data from the U.S. National Centers on Environmental Protection.”

Many other major media outlets published similar stories. Some of the headlines included:

“The past week was the hottest ever recorded on Earth,” – New Scientist.

“Heat Records Are Broken Around the Globe as Earth Warms Fast,” – New York Times.

“July 4 Was Earth’s Hottest Day on Record, Tops Mark Set One Day Earlier,” – USA Today.

The chart below shows historical temperatures derived from ice core samples, as reported in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

The chart, as published in “Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate,” shows the warming of the past 150 leaves current temperatures well below temperatures that have predominated during most of the time period that human civilization has existed.

The top left chart is Earth’s temperature history of the past 100,000 years. The top right chart is Earth’s temperature history of the past 10,000 years. The bottom chart is Earth’s temperature history of the past 200 years. The data show temperatures would have to continue rising at their present pace for at least another century or two before temperatures would reach temperatures that were typical just a short time ago.

The chart below is cut and pasted from the United Nations very first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

This UN chart shows the very same thing as the chart above – temperatures remain far below temperatures that have predominated throughout most of the time period of human civilization.

So, how do the media and the climate lobby assert “The world recorded its hottest day ever” and “The past week was the hottest ever recorded on Earth”?

The answer is the media and climate activists deceptively wordsmith their statements to use the word “record” or “recorded.”

Although they don’t explain this in any of their assertions, when pressed they will say “on record” or “recorded” only means the time period in which there has been a global network of modern thermometers – just the past 100 years or so. Of course, the deceptive wording of their statements deliberately induces people to believe a false narrative that Earth is experiencing unprecedented warmth and its hottest temperatures “ever.”

No, Reuters, USA Today, and the rest of the Media Climate Misinformation Complex, Earth is not even close to experiencing its hottest temperatures ever.

James Taylor

James Taylor is the President of the Heartland Institute.

Taylor is also director of Heartland’s Arthur B. Robinson Center for Climate and Environmental Policy.

Taylor is the former managing editor (2001-2014) of Environment & Climate News, a national monthly publication devoted to sound science and free-market environmentalism.