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Royal Dilemma: The People who Most Support Ditching the Monarchy are Climate Alarmists

From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

A hilarious dynamic has emerged in Commonwealth nations, in which the most committed anti-monarchists also want King Charles to help them win the climate war.

Charles Is Not Your Climate King

Angely Mercado
Published 4 days ago: May 6, 2023 at 7:00 pm

It’s true that, compared to other public figures or wealthy celebrities, Charles has a pretty impressive resume of caring about the environment. He’s been championing environmental causes since the 1970s and has been touting crunchy practices like composting for decades. In 2021, as Charles was travelling to the UN climate summit, the Washington Post branded him “the 21st century’s first eco-king.”

But Charles III is not your climate king. He is a wealthy man who takes private jets and was born into a rich ruling family. He’s now the figurehead of a nation facing rising income inequality and more risks and deaths from climate change-related extreme weather. Any actions he’ll take on climate as king will be cosmetic, at best. His job as royalty will be to maintain the status quo — which is the last thing we need as the world keeps getting hotter.

As the head of the royal family, Charles III will unfortunately be called to political neutrality. He can support his preferred causes, but he is limited in straight-up calling out the fossil fuel companies and politics that have made our climate crisis possible.

King Charles III is inheriting the throne during a pivotal time for global climate action. It’s a huge responsibility, but he is not among those on the frontlines of the problems. People displaced by wildfires and victims of heat waves throughout the UK don’t need more words — they need action that Charles won’t be able to take on as king. 

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The idea of Conservatives being opposed to ditching the royals might seem strange to Americans, but its only strange until you take a closer look at the slimy rogues gallery of recycled neo-communists who are drooling over the opportunity to become our first president, and the partisan constitutional settlements being offered by our far left anti-royalists.

The constitutional settlements being offered by predominantly left wing Aussie anti-royalists bear no resemblance to the US constitutional settlement. For example, in 1999 Australians were offered a puppet presidential Republic, an emasculated figurehead presidency, which would just have been an opportunity for failed former leaders to be appointed by their friends to an easy job with lots of perks, where they could continue sponging off the public purse. Strangely this plan for a Republic didn’t appeal to the Australian public.

Charles might be a climate clown, but his presence as a mostly powerless figurehead in the political systems of commonwealth nations blocks the emergence of something worse – the ascension to high office, of all the despised unwanted politicians we long ago rejected at the ballot box.

If you think this is a bad situation for conservatives, the dilemma for climate activists is even more acute. They are desperate for King Charles to speak out about his climate beliefs, because they believe royalist conservatives in Australia and elsewhere might listen to Charles’ green ravings, like some do in England. Yet at the same time, being mostly communists or far left socialists, ditching the royals and installing a left wing partisan constitution is a priority for them.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how all this plays out.

Personally I think Charles will crack, and restart his ranting about the need for climate action. How can the king stay silent, when he clearly believes the fate of the world hangs in the balance?

Perhaps when Charles politicisation of the throne makes keeping the monarchy intolerable for everyone, we’ll just have to accept whatever insipid, partisan republican settlement is offered, just to get away from the mad climate king.