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How Do COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Harm the Body and What’s the Treatment?

From The Daily Sceptic


In search of enlightenment on why the Covid vaccines are harmful to some people, I paid a call on Dr. Chris Newton. Dr. Newton taught in the Department of Medicine, Hull University, and before that he worked as Senior Research Scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Munich. His research in Munich included cellular transfection with DNA. He has more recently contributed a lengthy chapter on Covid pathogenesis and therapy to Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians, Volume Two.

Dr. Newton told me he was extremely dismayed to find that effective medical therapy for Covid was being ignored or undermined. Chris commented: “It became rather obvious, the system was running interference to prevent any potential therapy from gaining traction. The reason being that an authorised therapy for prophylaxis or early therapy would block emergency authorisation of the vaccines which at the time were under development.”

Professor Arne Burkhardt, who sadly has recently died, was a highly respected German pathologist who performed autopsies on people suspected of dying from the Covid vaccines. He led an international team of 10 scientists in developing a test for spike protein in human tissue.

His autopsy slides show damaged blood vessels, both the cells that form the inner lining (the epithelium) and the fibrous ‘tube’ of the vessels, as well as the disintegrated heart muscle fibres suspected to lie behind sudden adult (or arrhythmic) death syndrome (SADS). His team’s test has found spike proteins in almost every organ in the body. The dark dots in the slides that he showed in what turned out to be his last presentation, in the EU parliament on May 3rd, represent lymphocytes (white blood cells).

I asked Dr. Newton whether he deemed these findings by Dr. Burkhardt and others convincing. He said he did as he trusts that professionals of the stature of Professor Burkhardt and fellow pathologist Professor Walter Lang will have carried out the control tests required and so there is every reason to be confident in their findings, as evidenced by neutralising antibodies and spike-specific T-cells.

Dr. Newton explained that the original DNA sequence for the vaccine spike protein is a portion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus code data released by China in early 2020. The first step in creating the mRNA vaccines was to turn the computer sequence into physical DNA in a laboratory. Dr. Newton explained that the process was to join short segments of DNA and to assemble the full coding sequence of the spike protein as ‘hard copy’ DNA. Dr. Newton said that he had himself used a similar process when studying the molecular biology of oestrogen receptors at the Max Planck Institute.

The ‘hard copy’ DNA, which is circular in form and known as a plasmid, is added to a cellular bioreactor where the spike DNA is reproduced many times and then converted to mRNA. A purification procedure removes cellular proteins, lipids and DNA. mRNA is much more fragile than DNA and so is encased in lipid nanoforms. Salt solutions are added and the liquid then frozen to minus-70°C to keep it stable during storage and transport.

What happens when these mRNA-containing lipid nanoparticles are injected into people’s bodies was the subject of several hours of conversation between Dr. Newton and myself. Dr. Newton’s particular concern is that the lipid nanoparticles are designed to penetrate membranes and these ingredients can potentially reach every organ including the brain. He suggested that there are several ‘hot spots’, including the ovaries, testes and bone marrow.

Although spike protein will be expressed when cells take up mRNA, Dr. Newton suggested that inflammation of tissues cannot solely be ascribed to the spike protein. The mRNA is carried by the encapsulating lipids and so toxicity of carrier lipids may equally provoke a harmful inflammatory response.

Dr. Kevin McKernan’s research has shown that the purification procedure described above has not been effective: the vaccines contain a large proportion of DNA, including the original circular plasmid and linear fragments of a wide range of sizes. If DNA (rather than mRNA) is taken up by cells, they may continue to generate spike protein for a long time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gabriele Segalla, a specialist in these types of nanomaterials, has found that the lipid nanoparticles, when warmed up from minus-70°C and then injected into the body, become unstable and the minute droplets disintegrate, forming clumps and even solids, thus generating another set of unpredictable, harmful and little understood substances in the body.

Dr. Segalla emphasises that size is important. These microscopically small nanoforms behave differently to the same chemicals when in physically larger formation – an important feature that is recognised by European medicine regulators. This means nanoforms can be toxic on account of their small size and not solely because of the actual chemical compounds involved.

Returning to my conversation with Dr. Chris Newton, he explained to me that all of the various components of the vaccine cause inflammation and there is little or no information as to how the body neutralises, stores or excretes them, or in what timeframe.

In another chapter of Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians, Volume Two, Arden Anderson reports that chronic inflammation is always damaging and is fundamental to many diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. In his own chapter, Dr. Newton sets out the foods and antioxidant supplements useful against inflammation, spike protein and COVID-19 itself. Sounds like the NHS is going to need a few copies.

As Enthusiasm For Covid Vaccines Wanes and Millions of Unwanted Doses Expire, German Press Finally Starts Scrutinising Contracts Between Big Pharma and Government

From The Daily Sceptic


I know it’s not the repudiation we hoped for, but the widening displeasure over the deeply idiotic and imprudent contracts that the European Union negotiated with Pfizer and BioNTech for COVID-19 vaccine doses says a lot about where the vaccinators find themselves, politically and socially, at this late hour.

That erstwhile pillar of the vaccinator-industrial complex, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, has revealed a markedly reduced enthusiasm for the vaccines and their procurement in the past months. After attacking the lack of transparency surrounding the contract negotiations, they’ve found the energy to deplore all the worthless vaccine that our health ministers have purchased:

In Germany, by the end of March 2023, around 83 million COVID-19 vaccine doses expired and were thrown away by with the federal government alone. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has informed a private session of Bundestag budget committee of these developments …

These figures raise many questions. Did Germany, especially under Lauterbach’s predecessor Jens Spahn (CDU), but also during Lauterbach’s tenure during the fight against the pandemic, order too much vaccine? Could they have avoided these costs, which reach into the billions? Or did the state have no choice, because it was not foreseeable how many people would get vaccinated, and how many injections would be needed for effective protection in the longer run?

What devastating answers all of these questions have.

In any case, the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany have purchased far more vaccine than is needed now. As the Ministry of Health informed the Bundestag, Germany has donated 120 million vaccine doses to other countries. Even after these donated doses left the central warehouse, further doses nevertheless expired …

The Ministry explains that additional doses have expired “at the various stages” of the supply chain. This refers to doses shipped to wholesalers, pharmacies and doctors’ offices. These parties are in turn responsible for “proper disposal”, the ministry explains. They did not provide figures on how many doses had expired and been destroyed by these wholesalers, pharmacies and medical practices. It is possible that these numbers have not been collected.

In other words: The 83 million figure represents a floor; nobody actually knows or is all that eager to tabulate how many doses have been thrown away.

When asked by the SZ, the Ministry of Health did not say how much the expired and destroyed doses at the federal level cost. Publicly available data nevertheless supports the assumption that the costs to the taxpayer… are in the billions.

And that may not be all.

Through the start of 2023, the federal government had ordered a total of 672 million doses for 13.1 billion Euros, generally via the EU. Each jab therefore costs on average just under 20 Euros … According to the Ministry of Health, by the start of May, around 192 million doses had been injected in Germany, and some of the deliveries are still outstanding.

More than a year ago, the Berlin-based newspaper Tagesspiegel asked whether Lauterbach was threatened with “billions in damages”. At that time, it was already becoming apparent that vaccine could remain unused. In mid-2022, 3.9 million vaccine doses had expired. By the beginning of 2023, there were already 36.6 million vaccine doses. And now, only five months later, it is already 83 million. By the end of last year, approximately 54 million doses had expired and in the first quarter of 2023, approximately 29 million doses had been destroyed, the ministry informed the Bundestag.

Possibly even more vaccine will have to be destroyed. As of the beginning of May, the Federal Government still has stores amounting to around 120 million doses. Their future is “fraught with uncertainty” and depends, among other things, on the future course of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health informed the Bundestag. The Federal Government still intends to give “unneeded vaccine” to other countries.

Not a single country anywhere on earth can be found to take this stuff.

To avoid having to destroy more vaccine, the EU has now negotiated a partial cancellation of supply contracts with the pharmaceutical companies BioNTech and Pfizer. A “cancellation fee” is due for this, Lauterbach informed the Bundestag. According to reports, Lauterbach did not give a figure. The cancellation fees for unwanted vaccine is likely to reach costs in Germany alone of hundreds of millions of Euros.

While the details of the deal are officially secret, an outraged Polish health minister revealed several weeks ago that Pfizer and BioNTech have demanded that EU countries pay 50% of the cost for every previously ordered yet unneeded vaccine dose.

At the end of the article there lurks this foul paragraph:

With early access to safe and effective vaccines, many lives have been saved and millions of people have been protected from serious illness. The economic costs of the pandemic have also been reduced and the “impact on social life has been noticeably mitigated”. The vaccine surplus is a consequence of this strategy. This is how the Ministry of Health justified the bulk purchases in the Bundestag.

We’ve been over this many times at the plague chronicle, but as long as politicians and the press continue to indulge in these hollow excuses, I’ll keep repeating myself: It’s strange indeed that enthusiasm for these SaFE aNd EfFeCtIvE vaccines should have plummeted in precise inverse correlation to public experience with them. You’d almost think that the more the vaccinators were allowed to vaccinate, the more everybody decided the vaccines weren’t for them after all. This is hardly the response you’d expect to such miraculous, life-saving, side effect-free products.

A great many journalists, bureaucrats, politicians and ordinary people were complicit in the excesses of the past several years, and as the policies of the pandemic continue to sour, they’ll do anything but talk about it. This more than anything is the reason for the deafening silence surrounding all of these matters. What critique there is will increasingly attach itself to isolated matters, such as school closures, and to specific initiatives in which few participated directly, such as the buying of vaccines. They’ll do everything they can to assign blame in those few areas, where they can’t be blamed themselves.

This article originally appeared on Eugyppius’s Substack newsletter. You can subscribe here.

China “Began Developing Two Covid Vaccines” Before Outbreak

From The Daily Sceptic


Chinese researchers may have begun developing two Covid vaccines in November 2019, before the official start of the outbreak, a U.S. Senate report has claimed. The Telegraph has more.

The claims come in a 300-page document, which concluded that the pandemic most likely came from a lab leak and was the result of a “research-related incident” in Wuhan.

It said the theory that COVID-19 jumped from animals to humans in a market no longer deserved the “presumption of accuracy”.

The report argued that Chinese researchers appeared to begin development of at least two Covid vaccines at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in November 2019, meaning “SARS-CoV-2 would have been present at the WIV before the known outbreak of the pandemic”.

The claims give further credence to the lab leak theory and support accusations that China covered up early cases of the outbreak.

The 300-page report, released to Axios, was the full version of a 35-page summary published in October by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

It said: “The COVID-19 pandemic was, more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident.

“New information, made publicly available and independently verifiable, could change this assessment.

“However, the hypothesis of a natural zoonotic origin no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt, or the presumption of accuracy.”

The report suggested that advocates of the natural transmission theory “must provide clear and convincing evidence” for their argument.

It concluded: “The preponderance of information affirms the plausibility of a research-related incident that was likely unintentional resulting from failures of biosafety containment during vaccine-related research.”

Scientists, and U.S. intelligence, have been divided over whether the pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology [WIV], which had been collecting and manipulating bat viruses, or from a natural spillover at a Wuhan market selling live animals.

The report said there were “anomalies” between Covid-19 and other diseases that have spilled over naturally from animals to humans.

And it said, three years on, no critical evidence had been found proving there was a natural spillover.

It added that there had not been spillovers of the virus in numerous places at numerous times, as might be expected if that was the cause.

The report also noted that the type of bats carrying the closest virus to COVID-19 lived over 1,000 miles away from Wuhan. 

However, the lab had collected over 200 coronaviruses, and employees had been photographed handling bats with inadequate protective gear, the report said.

Scientists there had been involved in research aimed at preventing future pandemics, and had sought funding to engineer coronaviruses, it said.

The report said: “A research-related incident is consistent with the early epidemiology [of Covid-19] showing rapid spread of the virus in Wuhan, with the earliest calls for assistance being located near the WIV’s original campus in central Wuhan.”

Worth reading in full.

Personally I remain sceptical of this report. The lead author is Dr. Robert Kadlec, a long-time U.S. biodefence bigwig and architect of the vaccines and biodefence ‘Manhattan Project’ as described in detail by Paula Jardine here. Dr. Kadlec’s involvement taints the report as being very much the angle that those in the U.S. biodefence establishment want you to read, meaning it’s all about what was (allegedly) happening in China and nothing about what was happening in the U.S., whose scientists have also been the opposite of cooperative with origins investigations.

The virus was almost certainly created in a lab, but the evidence that that lab was the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that it was released by accident is much weaker and some of the evidence summarised in the new report is internally inconsistent (for example, it can’t decide whether the Covid outbreak was producing a large spike in influenza-like hospital cases in early October or not until several weeks later). I have explored these issues at length (see here), but the fact remains that U.S. intelligence has failed to produce clear documentary evidence that SARS-CoV-2 or a precursor was at the WIV before December 2019 or that specific vaccines were being developed before the outbreak was officially known. In addition, the documentary evidence we do have suggests that the first samples from Wuhan hospitals were only sent to labs for testing and identification in the last week of December and that when the virus was first detected the Chinese authorities remained unsure whether it was spreading between humans. Their actions at the time were consistent with that uncertainty as countermeasures were not adopted until late January, after a team of Government experts had visited Wuhan and concluded it was spreading.

The WIV published in mid-January 2020 the sequence of the new virus alongside that of RaTG13, which it already held, and admitted that it did not appear that the new virus had emerged naturally from RaTG13. These are not the actions of an institution trying to cover up the fact that it created SARS-CoV-2 from RaTG13 or a similar virus. The Senate report repeats the claim that the WIV virus database was “public” before it was taken offline in September 2019, but if it was public why does U.S. intelligence not have a copy of something so obviously relevant to national security? It’s not clear that the database was ever public, and it also went back online (behind a security wall) intermittently after that date. I have no interest in defending China, I only want to know the truth. I’m just not convinced that Robert Kadlec is the man to give it to me.

Here is the summary table from the report.

What’s in the Pfizer Documents?

From Naomi Wolf

The modern pharmaceutical industry has in many ways proved itself a great benefit to mankind, making health- and life-saving drugs and vaccines widely available.

But its reputation has come under attack in the wake of America’s opioid epidemic and the COVID pandemic.

This fourth and final CCA of the 2022-23 academic year will consider the rise of Big Pharma, its role in the declining state of American health, and ideas for reform.

Vaccine damage: 300,000 deaths in the US, $148 billion lost, and 10% say a member of their house died

By Jo Nova

The crime of the century

“Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this state of affairs is that most Americans don’t know it’s happening.”
“…this death count in one year is 5.2 times the number of men killed in ten years of combat in Vietnam.”

—  John Leake

Ed Dowd’s Vaccine Damage Report is finally here. It looks at excess death in the healthy working age population of the US — the 148 million Americans aged 18 – 64 who are employed. Shockingly, an estimated 300,000 people have died due to Covid vaccines, and another 1.4 million are now classed as disabled.  Around the world this would translate to about 5 million deaths and 46 million with disabilities and as many as 900 million people with some injury.

A Rasmussen poll just out, corroborates that something awful happened in America.* It shows 10% of people in the US say that someone in their own household died and they suspect their death was caused by the vaccines. This number was spread evenly across Democrat and Republican voters showing it is not a politically driven response but probably just a sad reflection of the situation anger.  About the same number of people (11%) said a household member died of covid. What is remarkable is that without media headlines, many of these 1 in 10 households may think their suffering is a “rare” event and they just got incredibly unlucky. Surely the outrage will flow when they connect the dots.

UPDATE: The Rasmussen poll surely reflects a protest vote, not actual deaths. All the people (from both sides of politics) who suffered harm, or saw harm, or know someone who suffered, presumably ticked the box because they felt voiceless in the face of the worst corruption. Think of it as an emergency flare over a crime scene.

@DowdEdward   via Peter McCullough

This isn’t going to go away, the numbers are just too big. If one in ten lived with someone who has died, far more than that would know of them. A similar survey in January found a quarter of those polled said they personally knew someone who had died, they believed, of the vaccines.

Shocking rates of injury in people in the prime of their lives:

Essentially, 82% of people suffered no ill effects following the vaccine (at least as shown in this data). But about 18% suffered a mild to moderate injury. This remarkably high figure is corroborated by data on absentee rates from work in 2022 which were 29% higher than in 2019. As Ed Dowd reminds us this is off the charts — an 11 standard deviation from the norm. It’s a radioactive red hot signal. Nothing like this has occurred in the data before. Nothing like this has occurred to the workers of the USA before.

Almost 1% suffered some kind of disability, and worse, 0.05 – 0.1% died — perhaps as many as 1 in 1,000 people died, and this is from the healthy 18-64  age group. It represents a 23% increase in excess deaths in this otherwise healthy group during 2021 and 2022. In his interview with Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago Ed Dowd explained then that the excess deaths were higher in the healthy working age part of the population than in the unemployed — probably due to medical treatment mandates that applied to workers and not to unemployed people.

2021 was a terrible year for people under 75


Four different levels of harm were categorized, explained in this chart:

Edward Dowd is calling for support to perform this analysis on other countries, like Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan and others. Governments should be doing these assessments, but they’re not. In Australia the largest medical vaccine safety trial is being dropped only one year after it was started. 14,000 Australians died of something mysterious last year and no one wants to research it.

If the vaccines were safe and effective they’d be doing a hundred studies. Instead private citizens need to do the research the government won’t.

The Australian figures for 2022 show broadly similar death rates to the US ones. The US population is 15 times larger though only 70% vaccinated, and their figures above came from 2021 and 2022, whereas the Australian data comes from just one year and spread across the whole population, not just the workers.


US Vaccine Damage Report Report (2022) Phinance Technologies.

Art by Syaifulptak

*Edit: On the Rassmussen poll, the word “this” changed to “that something awful happened in America.”