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Tony Thomas: Don’t trust the media on climate | Tom Nelson Pod #108

Tom Nelson

TONY THOMAS has been a journalist in Australia since 1958 when he went straight from school at 18 to The West Australian newspaper, doing news and light features. He concurrently studied literature at university for eight years. In 1971 he switched to Economics coverage in the federal press gallery in Canberra, and a decade later he moved to Melbourne writing for the magazine Business Review Weekly for 20 years. He retired from paid journalism in 2001 but continues writing for the right-of-centre blog Quadrant Online. In the past ten years his output there has been 450-plus essays totalling about a million words. All up he’s been reporting for 65 years.

He’s authored close to a dozen books on anthropology, business, history, current affairs and climate, including five collections of his Quadrant essays in the past six years. See https://www.connorcourtpublishing.com…

Tony’s style is forensic and often humorous. He figures the most effective weapon against climate cultists is to ridicule them via their own overblown words and nonsense — with academics as one of his favourite targets. He continues to be amazed at how much incriminating material the climate cultists publish to their own detriment.

Tony turns 83 in June 2023 but has still not reached Shakespeare’s finale of “second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

Preferred pronouns: Ze, Hir, Zir.

“Ze is a writer and wrote that book zirself. Those ideas are zirs. I like both zir and zir ideas.”

Tony’s Quadrant work: https://quadrant.org.au/?s=%22tony+th…

Thomas mentioned these Arizona State climate cult prizes:


00:00 Introduction

01:14 Overblown nonsense

04:37 Censorship Industrial Complex

05:51 BBC Verify

06:54 28Gate

08:16 Trusted News Initiative

09:45 Climate Council

15:35 Covering Climate Now

24:03 Earth Journalism Network

27:43 Huge grid problems in South Africa

29:15 News Guard

31:21 Science Feedback

36:53 Q and A