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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: ‘Biden’s EV mandates are a controlled demolition of the U.S. auto industry’

From ClimateDepot.com

By Marc Morano

‘DISASTROUS’: Expert warns of Biden ‘demolition’ of auto industry

‘DISASTROUS’: Expert warns of Biden ‘demolition’ of auto industry – Fox Business – Climatedepot.com publisher Marc Morano discusses the impact of Biden’s electric vehicle push on the auto industry and the pending UAW strikes. #foxbusiness

Fox Business – Varney & Co – Broadcast September 14, 2023

Stuart Varney: Marc Morano is the publisher of ClimateDepot.com and he joins me now. A big part of this strike is about the switch to electric vehicles and how to compensate the people building them. In your opinion, how is the switch, the forced switch to electric going?

Marc Morano: It’s going disastrously, first of all on this UAW pending strike. You have a million workers making non-electric cars with these electric car mandates. You’re talking about 40% or 400,000 workers being displaced. There are also about seven and a half million jobs related to the auto industry that are going to be impacted.

Joe Biden’s EV mandates are a controlled demolition of the US auto industry. There’s no other way to put it. Because China is the main beneficiary, and we’re seeing a potential Chinese invasion of electric cars. The transition is going horribly, but I think that’s not the actual purpose of this Biden plan. The plan is to create vehicle rationing to force less people to drive and force us into mass transit, and restrict our freedom of movement. That’s that’s coming out of these EV climate plans.

Stuart Varney: But Marc, that is politically out of the question. Any administration which imposes rationing on cars are limiting your ability to drive in these United States? That’s political suicide.

Marc Morano: It is but that’s why it’s in 2035. That’s why it’s several years away. But here’s the key: Has Congress voted on a car ban? No. Has even the California legislature voted? No. This is all being done bypassing democracy — in many ways the same way that COVID restrictions, we didn’t vote for church closures, or school closures. Well, we didn’t vote now for food restrictions. We didn’t vote for the gas-powered car ban.

This is a corporate government collusion, mostly coming from ideology coming from the United Nations, World Economic Forum. And they are forcing this upon us now. It’s not affecting us immediately. But it’s down the road, and the question is, are we going to allow it?

It looks like this whole EV mandate thing is going to collapse when people realize that it is going to create car rationing. I mean, this is similar to East Germany they had one government-authorized car: the crappy East German Trabant. Fast forward here in the United States. The government is saying you can only buy one car in the future, an EV — likely manufactured solely from China. This is our future if we allow it, Stuart, and it’s going terrible.

Stuart Varney: All right, Marc, I think we know where you’re coming from, Marc Morano. Thank you very much for being here, Marc. Good stuff. Thank you.


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