New Zealand Farmers Fed Up with Extreme Climate Policies

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Reuters is predicting the possible election of a right wing government on a platform of repealing climate policies which are devastating the countryside.

New Zealand farmers set for right-wing protest vote over climate change policies

By Lucy Craymer
September 27, 20234:49 PM GMT+10 Updated 13 hours ago

WELLINGTON, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Rural voter anger at New Zealand’s environmental policies to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions may contribute to a return of right-wing parties to power at an Oct. 14 election, a shift that could diminish the country’s green image.

A flirtation with the New Zealand Labour Party in the 2020 election by rural voters, some for the first time in decades, has ended due to environmental policies such as planting pine forests on grazing land and taxing livestock methane burps.

Warning that livelihoods are at stake, farmers are looking to conservative candidates who will unwind or delay these Labour policies.

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[1/2] FILE PHOTO:Cows graze near wind farms on the east coast region of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand October 30, 2020. Picture taken October 30, 2020. REUTERS/Praveen Menon/File Photo

I wouldn’t get too excited. What passes for right wing in New Zealand is politically equivalent to a party of moderate democrats in the USA. The new party will possibly even support Net Zero, just at a slower pace.

But I suspect any relief from the green wrecking ball would be welcome, in a New Zealand economy which has seen pretty much every sphere of productive economic activity laid under siege from their current crop of far left greens.

h/t Chris Nisbet – “If you’re a climate change denier at the moment or even a minimalist, I just don’t understand how you can hold that position to be honest.” – The words of NZ opposition leader Christopher Luxon, whom farmers are hoping will roll back damaging climate policies of the current administration.