Judge Blocks Biden’s Unlawful Lease Sale Restriction

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For Immediate Release: Friday, September 22, 2023
NOIA Contact: jwilliams@noia.org

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Preliminary Injunction Corrects Biden Restrictions on Gulf Energy Development

Washington, D.C. – Erik Milito, President of the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), issued the following statement in response to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana’s preliminary injunction finding that the implementation of the challenged actions was procedurally invalid and that Interior’s decision was arbitrary and capricious. This injunction blocks the new restrictions related to the Rice’s whale in the Final Notice of Sale for Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 261 and restores millions of acres to the sale.

“The injunction is a necessary and welcome response from the court to an unnecessary decision by the Biden administration. The removal of millions of highly prospective acres and the imposition of excessive restrictions stemmed from a voluntary agreement with activist groups that circumvented the law, ignored science, and bypassed public input.

“In a period when inflation is increasing expenses for Americans, particularly in terms of gasoline prices, we must fully harness America’s energy production capabilities, particularly those offshore. Our leaders should stop ignoring the vast benefits that U.S. offshore oil and gas production provides to Americans. This includes an abundance of energy resources, high-paying job opportunities, environmentally responsible low carbon output, support for coastal resilience and restoration, and enhanced national security, among numerous other benefits.”


About NOIA
The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) represents and advances a dynamic and growing offshore energy industry, providing solutions that support communities and protect our workers, the public and our environment.NOIA

Just in the nick of time

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will conduct Lease Sale 261 tomorrow morning. No doubt there will be a lot of bids on blocks that would have otherwise been excluded from the sale.

Rice’s whales are primarily located in the yellow and back outlined area in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, an area off-limits to oil & gas exploration. The Biden administration attempted to illegally remove the “Rice’s Whale Exanded Area” (dark blue area on map below) from this, and all future, lease sales.

The Biden administration attempted to exclude one of the most active areas from Sale 261. The Flex Trend was one of the first deepwater plays the location of dozens of production platforms and other infrastructure. Recent advances in seismic imaging have rejuvenated this play.

Reprocessed Flex Trend data reveals near-field GoM potential

May 19, 2021

PGS has released more full integrity products from the Flex Vision data rejuvenation program in the Gulf of Mexico.

Offshore staff

OSLO, Norway – PGS has released more full integrity products from the Flex Vision data rejuvenation program in the Gulf of Mexico.

The application of new imaging technology to the Flex Trend has revealed near-field opportunities that boost potential far beyond original estimates, the company said.

New data unlocks opportunities adjacent to existing discoveries, to enable infrastructure-led exploration in an area of the Gulf of Mexico that has been producing oil and gas for more than two decades. Salt, the biggest challenge for exploration on the Flex Trend, is resolved with high-quality depth imaging and improved velocity control.


But, but… Oil production is up under Biden

Oil production isn’t “under Biden.” Biden has no control over oil production from private and state-owned leases. About 24% of our total domestic crude oil production comes from Federal leases. This production is conducted under Federal laws passed by Congress. It is not “under Biden.” Although Biden has done everything in his power to inhibit oil production. These generally unlawful actions haven’t reduced current production. They will delay and/or reduce future production. This is particularly true for offshore production.

Biden: I Wanted ‘to Stop All Drilling’ on the Coasts and Gulf, Got Blocked by Courts

by IAN HANCHETT 8 Aug 2023

During an interview with The Weather Channel that is set to air on Wednesday, a portion of which aired on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said that he “wanted to stop all drilling on the East Coast and the West Coast and in the Gulf” but was blocked by the courts from doing so.


From the time a lease is awarded, it can take years to establish production. Biden’s intent is to reduce future production by delaying and slowing down the pace of leasing.

From the time a lease is awarded, it can take years to establish production. Biden’s intent is to reduce future production by delaying and slowing down the pace of leasing.

Biden’s Abysmal Lease Record

When Biden became President, he immediately placed a moratorium on lease sales supposedly for agencies to review their practices due to climate change. During his first 19 months in office, President Biden leased fewer acres for offshore oil and gas production than any other President before him since the inception of offshore drilling rights. Not since Harry Truman have fewer acres of federal land or offshore rights to develop oil and gas resources been leased by a U.S. president. Under President Truman, offshore drilling was just beginning and the federal government did not yet control the deep-water leases that have made up the largest part of the federal oil-and-gas program. It is clear from the graph below that the Biden administration is withholding U.S. energy development at a time when the world is facing an energy crisis and consumers are experiencing very high energy prices. President Biden is withholding resources that Americans own, resulting in gasoline prices reaching an all-time high of $5 a gallon in June 2022 and remaining over a dollar per gallon above the gas price when he took office  The following graph from the Wall Street Journal indicates how few acres have been leased during Biden’s first 19 months in office despite the law requiring oil and natural gas lease sales.

Institute for Energy Research

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Meanwhile, rival litigation filed by Earthjustice and other prominent environmental groups seeks to halt the lease sale. The organizations say the lease sale violates the National Environmental Policy. They say the administration failed to account for health threats to Gulf Coast communities near oil refineries and didn’t adequately the effects of new fossil fuel development on the climate.AP

They filed their lawsuit in the District of Columbia Circuit, where Federal judges routinely put left-wing causes above the law. The Inflation Reduction Act requires that Sale 261 be held before September 30, 2023.

These same environmental activists will likely try to prevent BOEM from issuing a new five-year leasing plan… Something BOEM is legally required to do.

In September, Interior is also expected to release its final proposed Five-Year Program (National OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program) for offshore oil and gas leasing this September. The final plan, which lasts through 2028, could include as many as 11 new offshore lease sales, according to the proposed program. Holding 11 new fossil fuel auctions would sanction up to 70 years of additional fossil-fuel extraction with the potential to emit up to 3.5 billion tons of carbon pollution.

[Expletive Deleted]

“Because Earth Needs a Good Lawyer”? Are they fracking serious? Earth needs George Carlin! That’s what Earth needs!

Warning: F-bombs galore…

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