Orchestrating a Fake Climate Crisis by Cherrypicking Tragic Photos

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From Jim Steele

16-year-old actress Greta Thunberg was elevated to fame by people such as the World Economic Forum who wanted to pull on heart strings to manipulate votes, funding and government policy. Despite her total lack of scientific understanding Greta ranted, “Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction”. Click-bait medial like the New York Times and National Geographic eagerly added their support to the climate crisis myth by attaching false narratives to cherrypicked tragic photos.

Indeed, humans have reduced biodiversity via overhunting, lost habitat and introduced species.

But humans are now actively increasing biodiversity by preventing overhunting, removing invasive species and restoring habitat.

Increasing CO2 to 400+ ppm is greening the earth because the world’s vegetation thrives when CO2 concentrations approach their optimal 1000 ppm. Pictures of thriving ecosystems debunk the climate crisis as a few degrees of warmer minimum temperatures benefit wildlife. Flowers bloom and wild babies are born during the warm seasons.