Climate Empire vs. The Rebellion: The Farce is Strong with These Guys

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The Heartland Institute

Last week, Climate Change Roundtable discussed, “The failure of peer review: Climate is Beholden to Bullying and Bad Decisions.” That episode dealt with the bullying of a journal to remove a paper. This week we look at another incident: The use of FOI requests by NASA’s Dr. Gavin Schmidt to look into correspondence between authors, editors, and collaborators for for another paper they don’t like, of which Dr. Willie Soon was the lead author.

Join our host, Anthony Watts, and weekly panelists, Dr. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken, and Dr. Willie Soon as will delve into the fight between the dark Climate Empire and the Climate Rebellion over the right to publish, or perish at the hands of the Climate Empire.

Tune in LIVE for Climate Change Roundtable at Noon CT/1PM ET this Friday to engage in this enlightening discussion. Don’t forget to leave your questions to have them answered live during the show! Tune in to share your thoughts and be a part of this pivotal conversation.