Too little, too late

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By Joe Bastardi

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It became apparent to me after the Super Nino of 15-16 that the situation with climate had little to do with climate and weather.  This is the result of the step-up function of temperatures that occurred after the Super Nino of 97-98:

Repeated again. It was then crystal clear that the warming of the oceans and the supernino response pumped the water vapor into the air that led to the overall “global” warming, when in reality the warming was distorted, in the coldest driest areas at their coldest driest time ( example the arctic or antarctic gets their big deviations from average in the winter, which then gets factored into the entire global temperature and distorts the warming).

The back radiation of CO2 that penetrates a mm or 2 of the ocean is not warming the oceans.  It is large natural forcing for the most part, Please read previous posts over the last year.   My writings are here:

I grew extremely frustrated with people in power who were supposed to actually do more than pay lip service to all this over the years.   I am frustrated with what is a cottage industry built on arguing over what is a giant red herring.  As the years have gone by, the warming itself is proving it can not be the rise of co2, but instead large natural inputs,  Even if it was CO2, you adapt and move on.

But there is no true interest in stopping the onslaught of climate propaganda, I suspect it’s too late. I live next to a major university and precious few students have any knowledge of all the factors involved here.  A lot of them simply don’t care, the byproduct of a life of relative ease, and the assumption that we go along to get along. So they are lukewarm. A whole generation that either does not care or if they do, has succumbed to the brainwashing that is the center point of a lot of this.

Take Ukraine. This is not making a judgment on the issue of Ukraine, but instead the kind of threat being pushed that Putin, who can’t even win this war, is going to use this as a stepping stone to even more conquests. How, given what has happened does that make any sense?  So instead of forming an opinion on Ukraine based on the reality of the current facts, conjecture and non provable ideas are used. Same as climate change.. Does any serious person believe that Putin, having so much trouble here,  has designs to overwhelm Europe?  He may be committing national suicide in what is a standoff war in Ukraine, and he is going to march on?. This is not Hitler marching into Czechoslovakia,  yet the FEAR of something that is based on unknowns and most likely false premises is used as a propaganda point to instill fear in people, See the link? Say it something else, create fear, and then take the leadership in it.  The climate agenda does the same thing.

Again the message is not pro or anti-Ukraine. It is saying to evaluate the real situation, not assume things are going to happen that make little sense given what is actually going on.

Covid. Same thing. 2 chapters in my book, and I am not going to rehash it, said this was going to lead to what you are seeing in climate.

The immigration problem, Apparently the people pushing the open borders in sanctuary cities do not like the shared misery of socialism that the governor of Texas has decided to bestow upon them.  Again, another fake red herring to disguise the real issue, That there are people that are ILLEGALLY coming into the country and that the states next to the country of entry are taking the brunt of it, But like COVID, like Ukraine Like climate, like anything today, the response with truth and fact is too little too late.

I am writing this because I saw my 2 friends Marc Morano and Steve Milloy on Laura Ingraham. My question for her is WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN SINCE 2015-2016 AND THAT SUPER NINO?  There has been plenty of evidence of what was going on. There is the problem. Even in the so-called conservative media, no one pays attention to what is going on to set the stage to counter it, Instead, it is wait till it happens and then counter it,  By that time it’s too late. The left knows this, They use it incessantly and why not?  People who are supposed to be resisting over the years, ( there is only so much a Marc Morano or Steve Milloy can do) have done nothing but pay lip service to all this,  I know personally because in trying to contact people over the years, with suggestions on how to get in front of this, the silence has been deafening. Sure CFACT allows it, but until we are in the abyss, people who are supposed to be manning the watchtower in the seats of power have been helpless and hapless and I fear the result is hopeless..

I cant even comment on the absurdity of what I heard from Joe Biden and Zelensky in the UN on climate change.

There is a common thread here. I wrote about it in this:

It is in every issue.  Who is at fault? In the end, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Many of the Gen Z people have no idea what the heck they are pushing. We didn’t stand up when we had to.  And the kind of pushback now, given the complete abdication of the true battlefield which is the defense of our way of life, the past several years, means it’s likely too little too late.

In a way it is the only comfort I can find.

From this outstanding answer to the why of what you see:

Civilizations come and go, and governments rise and fall.  Because our Creator loves people, He also blesses each nation with a span of time so it might prosper and do well, but this blessing ends when a nation becomes degenerate, rebellious, and unfit for self-rule.  When God determines that extended mercy for a nation has no redeeming effect, He marginalizes or destroys that nation.

It seems to me it describes what we are seeing today.

So to the people now waking up. Do want to try to find answers?. Well, whatever it is you have been doing is not working. We are either staring into the abyss or are in it.  And I have watched the last 8 years, people having no idea what it is really about.

We are supposed to be one nation under God.  So what do you think is going to happen when that is no longer the center point of our vision?


Joe Bastardi

Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting.

He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore.

His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.