When Davos Controls the Farms

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The Heartland Institute

Welcome to episode #2 of Davos Watch. This week, host Donald Kendal dives into a report by the World Economic Forum, analyzing the ways financial firms can pressure the agricultural industry into going “green.” Kendal adds context into the failures of various “green” agriculture initiatives with real-world results, from The Netherlands to Sri Lanka.


The Netherlands Nitrogen Restrictions: A dive into The Netherlands’ push to reduce nitrogen emissions in farming and its unintended consequences. The move has sparked concerns, especially given the Netherlands’ stature as one of the top exporters of food products globally.

Fertilizer Restrictions: The episode sheds light on Sri Lanka’s decision to go completely organic in its agricultural practices, banning the import and use of chemical fertilizers. The move has faced criticism due to the unforeseen challenges it has posed for farmers and the threat to food security.

Justin Trudeau’s Proposal for a Carbon Neutral Agriculture Industry: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s proposal for a carbon-neutral agricultural industry.

The World Economic Forum’s New Report: The core of the episode revolves around the WEF’s latest report titled, “Green Returns: Unleashing the Power of Finance for Sustainable Food Systems.” Host Donald Kendal provides the problems with the WEF plan forcing the world to go “green,” seizing control of the agriculture industry as a result.

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