Now they want you to believe beach-weather is “deadly”

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From JoNova

By Jo Nova

News is just a non-stop Psy-Op now

Sydney is getting five warm days in a row and the Sydney Morning Horror is warning that it could be deadly. Even newspapers in Belgium think their readers need to know there’s a warm spring in Australia — 10 – 15 degrees above average. It’s not even a record. Not even “the hottest in history” — just by golly, a bit warmer than a similar September heatwave, you know, nine years ago.

It was 35.6 degrees in September 2000 — so after 23 years of global warming, it’s not even hotter.

Sydney is due to hit 30 degrees on Sunday and Monday, but will reach new highs of 32 on Tuesday and Wednesday. The city hasn’t experienced consecutive days of 30-degree-plus weather in September since 2014. This week will be 10 degrees hotter than Sydney’s August average.

Driving a car could be deadly today too, but we don’t put it in a headline. The psychological effect is to generate fear of warm weather.

What is exciting is that Sydney didn’t even reach 32C last summer, at all, so after one of the least warm not-hottest 12 months on record, Sydney is finally getting some beach weather. But don’t mention that in 163 years there has not been a longer period where Sydney didn’t break 32 degrees C.

In Belgium “Australia is holding its breath” in fear of summer:

In the capital Canberra it can reach 28 degrees on Monday. There the record for September is at 30 degrees.

According to the meteorological institute, it is very exceptional that a heat wave is observed so early in the year. Summer is expected to be the hottest since 1996. Australia is therefore holding its breath for a summer like the one from 2019-2020. Then large parts of the country were burned to ashes by forest fires, killing some thirty.

The biggest killer in Sydney is moderate cold:

The Sydney Morning Herald is a bigger public danger than the heatwave because they only report the half of the news that suits them:

Western Sydney University senior researcher Thomas Longden said short sharp heatwaves, like the one Sydney is experiencing, are the most dangerous because the body struggles to acclimatise and people are less likely to change their behaviours to stay cool when the weather shifts suddenly. His work has found about 2 per cent of deaths in Australia each year are heat-related.

Even in sunny warm Australia about six times as many people die of the cold as of the heat. (Cheng et al) When will the Sydney Morning Herald point out that expensive electricity in winter kills far more people than a warm week in Spring? Indeed, the best cure for heat deaths is air conditioning. What we need is the cheap coal fired power grid we used to have (the one without all the unreliable expensive generators added on).

Cold kills in Australia

The number of people killed by 30 degree days in Sydney is almost nothing. (Gasparrini et al). When will “journalists” do some research instead of phoning up the local tame professor of global nonsense?

Moderate cold is the big killer in Sydney | Gasparrini

The news has become a gaslighting advert to justify more subsidies and profits for industrial giants, the deep state and asset managers with $9,000 billion dollars to buy media companies.

Good friends don’t let good friends read The Sydney Morning Herald without a health warning.


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h/t David of Cooyal in Oz, and Bella

[*Typo “trillion” corrected to billion, dang – Jo].

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