Price of gas boilers could rise by as much as £300 under new government ‘green’ regime

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By Paul Homewood

If you can’t beat them, tax them!

The price of gas boilers could rise by as much as £300 under a new government ‘green’ regime, it was warned today.

Ministers want to introduce a requirement on manufacturers to push sales of heat pumps, which replace gas boilers and so cut the nation’s carbon emissions.

The proposal, called the Clean Heat Market Mechanism, would set makers a target to ensure at least 4 per cent of new systems sold are heat pumps. Firms that fail to meet this target would be required to pay ‘credits’ to other manufacturers that are selling heat pumps, or else pay multiple fines.

The boss of Worcester Bosch says these charges will inevitably be passed on to customers in the form of higher prices on gas boilers.

Chief executive Carl Arntzen said: ‘The price of a boiler currently within the supply chain is anything from about £700 to £1,000.

‘In some cases, for the top end of our models, we’re having to look at around a £300 price increase.’

He likened the policy to a ‘boiler tax’ and suggested the measure was designed to increase the cost of gas boilers to bring them closer to expensive heat pumps.