Paris votes to ban rental e-scooters

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul Kolk

Parisians have voted to ban rental electric scooters in their city, dealing a blow to scooter operators and a triumph for road safety campaigners.

Almost 90% of votes cast on Sunday favoured a ban the battery-powered devices, official results showed.

But under 8% of those eligible turned out to vote.

The referendum was called in response to a rising number of people being injured and killed on e-scooters in the French capital.

Of the 1.38 million people on the city’s electoral register, just over 103,000 took part, according to official figures. Of these, over 91,300 voted against the scooters.

Paris was one of the first cities to adopt the electric vehicles – but critics argue they were causing more harm than good.

There was growing concern with the way some people were driving the scooters – weaving through traffic, dodging pedestrians on pavements, and getting up to speeds of 17mph (27km/h).

Riders often did not wear helmets and children as young as 12 could legally hire the e-scooters.

Nearly 90% of voters in the referendum chose to forbid the electric vehicles

Not a moment too soon. Shame on the politicians who allowed them in the first place.