Tribal Rangers Smash Burning Man Climate Protest Roadblock

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Apparently its not OK for climate protestors to stop America’s elites from attending important events.

Watch: Native American Tribal Police Bust Up Climate Change Activists Blocking Road to Burning Man


Nevada Tribal Rangers on Sunday plowed through a climate change protest that caused a miles-long backup blocking traffic to the annual Burning Man festival.

Video footage from Sunday showed the Nevada Tribal Rangers successfully breaking up the demonstration by driving a truck through the blockade. Close to 150 cars were reportedly halted on the only road to Burning Man due to the protesters.

Read more (including video):

For anyone concerned about the level of force the rangers used, Breitbart notes the sheer irresponsibility of the climate protest. Being trapped in a road jam in the Nevada desert heat can be life threatening. To deliberately create such a road jam is grossly irresponsible, and if anyone came to harm, would likely lead to accusations of criminal negligence.

While drivers could obviously have turned back, doing a u-turn in such conditions, with non a zero risk of high speed oncoming traffic, could have been very risky.

Having said that, one of the rangers is apparently under review for his actions;

One of the videos features a protestor screaming “We’re environmental protestors”, as they are rounded up and carted off.

If the protesters had stuck to lawfully waving a few banners from the side of the road, without inflicting their eco fascist roadblock onto other road users, I would have defended their right to protest, and of course, the right of drivers to ignore them.

What can I say? Don’t mess with Nevada police, especially the native rangers.