“Bring it On Lord”: The Christians who WANT the Climate Apocalypse?

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

The climate crisis is Armageddon?

Climate change fuels End Times evangelicalism

On an unusually warm Friday night in August, adults and children gather at the New Life Chapel in the Victorian town of Wodonga for the first night of the Oceania End Times Prophetic Conference.

Inside, the hall is dark but for a projected constellation of stars illuminating the stage, where a band is playing light rock.

Pastor Zoran Paunovich steps out in front of the tightly-packed front rows, a crisp T-shirt and sneakers giving off carefully crafted “cool dad” vibes. He welcomes the hundreds in the audience, including online viewers, with a shout-out to the youngest present. “I am so encouraged to see so many young people here tonight,” he says. “We desperately need your generation to understand these things.”

“There have been people in every generation since the time of Jesus that have believed that they were living in the End Times and it’s just a constant reinvention of the story,” he says.

While some evangelical Christians – such as Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, author of Following Jesus in a Warming World: A Christian Call to Climate Action – see their religious beliefs embracing climate change activism, McSkimming says it can be discouraged, even by churches that don’t teach End Times prophecies, as “social gospel”. She says it’s chilling to hear some people say “Bring it on, Lord” in response to signs they interpret as meaning “God is getting closer”.

“This is the beginning of sorrows, the stuff we’re seeing,” Hall tells the assembled in Wodonga.

“The world is going to be cast into a cauldron of horror which is beyond description, and I want my kids in the kingdom,” he says. “I do believe that God is using End Time teaching to stir people about the urgency of the hour.”

Read more: https://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/life/religion/2023/08/24/apocalypse-nigh#mtr

“Bring it on, Lord”. Probably not the outcome climate alarmists who relentlessly proselytise their secular mockery of the Christian faith intended.

Note I am not criticising the pastor or his congregation for being deceived by the climate crisis narrative. I believe Pastor Zoran Paunovich and his congregation have been persuaded by relentless media climate propaganda, which in the People’s Republic of Victoria is at saturation level.

I hope Pastor Paunovich‘s faith and his obvious empathy for others lead him and his congregation to a less troubled view of the world.

There is no climate crisis.