Hurricane Season Special Edition With Experts Joe Bastardi and Stanley Goldenberg

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The Heartland Institute

After a summer of no landfalling hurricanes or tropical storms, this week we’ve seen a ramp-up of activity in the Atlantic, and a weak tropical storm named Harold provided some much-needed rain and temperature relief to Texas.

Plus, there remain disturbances in the Atlantic that may turn into additional tropical storms and/or hurricanes. The big question this year has been the effect of warmer than normal sea-surface temperatures, and how this will potentially affect late-season hurricanes. We’ll answer that question and others in a special show this Friday featuring forecasting and hurricane experts Joe Bastardi and Stanley Goldenberg.

Tune in LIVE for Climate Change Roundtable at noon CT on Friday, August 25 to find out. And be sure to leave your questions for host Anthony Watts, weekly panelists H. Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken, and special guests Joe Bastardi and Stanley Goldenberg.