Bloomberg’s Wildfire Denial

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By Paul Homewood

Bloomberg are doing what they are accusing a tiny handful of conspiracy theorists of doing, by invoking the climate bogeyman!

They begin with a fatuous statement that extreme weather is getting more frequent, something which there is no evidence for.

But what is wrong (or a “false narrative”) about looking for the cause of ignition? After all, we know that most of the fires in Greece were human caused.

In the case of Maui, it appears to have been a power cable brought down in high winds. If you want to prevent wildfires, the first thing to do is eliminate possible sources of ignition. For years the local fire experts on Maui have been calling for power cables to be made more resilient.

But the reason why the fires spread so quickly and disastrously was the spread of invasive, savanna grasses in recent years, which have taken over abandoned plantations.

These grasses grow quickly in Hawaii’s wet winters, and dry out every summer, leaving a giant tinderbox. Add a spark and strong winds, and the disaster which recently occurred was inevitable.

Again, the local fire experts have been calling for these abandoned plantations to be properly managed, with the grasses cut back and firebreaks created.

Instead of following the facts, Bloomberg would rather peddle their own false narrative.