4 More Temperature Reconstructions Fail To Support The ‘Unprecedented’ Global Warming Narrative

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From NoTricksZone

By Kenneth Richard on 21. August 2023

New studies find recent non-warming and/or a warmer Medieval Warm Period.

From 1785-2015 (231 years), the warmest 21-year period in India’s Himalayan region occurred from 1890-1910 (Rastogi et al., 2023). The years spanning 1995-2015 were the 4th warmest and 1946-1966 was the 2nd warmest period. 

Image Source: Rastogi et al., 2023

Over the last 1000 years along Eurasia’s extensive Silk Road trade routes, the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was warmer than the Current Warm Period (CWP), as “the amplitude of the warming during the CWP did not exceed that during the MWP” (Chen et al., 2023).

Image Source: Chen et al., 2023

Temperatures in northeastern Asia are no warmer today than the 1800s or 1940s (Du et al., 2023). The warmest period in the Common Era occurred during Medieval times (830-850 CE).

In the last 170 years, 8 of the 10 coldest years occurred between 1965-2012.

Image Source: Du et al., 2023

new study finds reconstructed temperatures in Iran align well with the “actual” temperatures for recent decades (1976-2014). And when the reconstructed temperature record is extended to 1657, the long-term trend shows no net warming trend in the last 357 years.

Image Source: Alipoorfard et al., 2023