L A Times Exposes the L A Times Maui Wildfire Climate Alarmist Propaganda Incompetence

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From Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The L A Times embarrassed itself with a clear display of its politically contrived “climate emergency” alarmism propaganda agenda regarding the horrific wildfires on Maui with the misleading, misrepresented and reality flawed August 11, 2023 headline and article shown below authored by their “Cultural Columnists and Critic” (apparently climate and energy issues are not driven by science and engineering data and competence but by musings of social “culture” ).

The L A Times achieved the feat of exposing their own flawed August 11 headline and article hyping their usual  “climate emergency” drivel as driving the recent terrible wildfire on Maui by having to eat crow with these two headlining articles shown below on August 16 retracting their prior alarmist contrived phony claims with causes unrelated to “climate emergency” driving these terrible wildfires as noted in these Times articles.

The L A Times is not a newspaper but instead has evolved into nothing but a politically driven propaganda machine pushing incompetent climate science and renewable energy schemes devoid of any connection to actual climate science and energy use data that supports their alarmist hype.