Response To Roger Harrabin

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3D illustration of tornado or hurricane’s destruction along its path toward fictitious city with flying debris and collapsing structures. Concept of natural disasters, judgment day, apocalypse.


By Paul Homewood

The Telegraph have published this letter from Roger Harrabin:

I have submitted this to the Telegraph in reply:

Dear Sir

Roger Harrabin’s defence of the BBC’s coverage of climate change highlights everything that is wrong with it. (Letters – 14th August).

He makes claims about wildfires, but omits to mention that they have been declining worldwide in recent years. He talks of record temperatures in America, but forgets to mention that the vast majority of US State records were set before the 1940s.

He talks of catastrophic floods, but offers no evidence that these are anything out of the ordinary. As for the loss of Antarctic sea ice, which so concerns him, he does not mention that it was at a record high extent as recently as 2014.

In contrast to the BBC’s apocalyptic view of climate change, the IPCC regularly finds no evidence that floods, droughts or hurricanes are getting worse.

Meanwhile all of the scare stories promoted by the BBC over the years, such as an ice free Arctic and catastrophic sea level rise, have failed to materialise.

For years the BBC has exaggerated the threat of climate change, failed to report evidence to the contrary and used every bit of bad weather as evidence without ever providing the full context.