Green Tasmania, the “Battery of Australia”, Runs Out of Electricity

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

“… this is putting a handbrake on our economy.”

Liberals’ Energy Chaos Hinders Tasmania’s Economy, Labor Claims

Tasmanian businesses and the economy are being hamstrung by Jeremy Rockliff and the Liberals’ failure to manage the state’s energy resources.

Tasmanian major industrials – the backbone of our economy for 100 years – are being constrained and told they cannot access any additional power.

It means a project critical to secure their future cannot go ahead.

It’s clear there is no power available. The Tasmanian Economic Regulator’s latest electricity market analysis shows there is no available power for new energy projects until at least the middle of next year.

And even Premier Rockliff admitted yesterday that “Tasmania has a power supply challenge” and “capacity is limited”.

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The Aussie state of Tasmania frequently promotes itself as the battery of the nation. But they often struggle to supply their own energy needs, so I don’t think anyone takes their battery claim too seriously.

This problem is entirely self inflicted. The State of Tasmania only has a population of around half a million people, so a small nuclear reactor in conjunction with their existing hydro systems would pretty much fix all their problems, and maintain their status as a low CO2 emission state. Nearby South Australia with its massive Uranium reserves could supply all Tasmania’s nuclear fuel needs indefinitely.

Sadly the moribund Australian political establishment is utterly fixated on renewables. They will continue to inflict their ignorant energy fantasies on ordinary people, and make excuses for their failures, until voters wake up and elect politicians who can implement common sense solutions to people’s problems.

The old days, back when greens opposed wrecking the wilderness with giant hydro projects. The Anti Frankin Dam protests in Tasmania led to the formation of the Tasmanian Green Party