Morano on Fox & Friends – The climate ‘psychological operation’ is beginning

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Morano: “This is the COVID PSYOP ending and the climate PSYOP beginning. This is the New York Times signaling that the ruling class is telling us that vacations are now a thing of the past. They’re trying to set our mindset to give up on vacations. And they’re giving up our freedom of movement…What the New York Times is claiming is that somehow people have to stay home, and it is literally in the article suggesting people need to huddle around their air conditioners at home because the weather is too extreme — because our previous travel has made the earth uninhabitable. this is insane, unscientific, silly.”

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano reacts to a New York Times article claiming that climate change is going to end summer vacation, and a California bill allowing competing environmental factions to kill off eagles in order to save the planet. #foxnews