The Evil of Climate Alarmism: Dissecting Michael Walsh’s: Hoax of the Millennium

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From Watts Up With That?

The discourse around climate change has been nothing short of apocalyptic, with proclamations of impending doom dominating our news feeds. However, as Michael Walsh’s excellent column, “Hoax of the Millennium,” elucidates, the scenario isn’t quite as dire as climate alarmists would have us believe. This blog post attempts to dissect Walsh’s column and unpack the truths often overlooked in the climate change debate.

Today, and each day for the next two weeks, will address the issue of “climate change,” which like Covid-19 and “Russian collusion,” is one of the great hoaxes of the modern era, maliciously concocted out of whole cloth by people who mean to harm western civilization and using the cudgel of “compassion” and “concern” with which to do it. Of the three, the “climate change” hoax, which threatens the foundations of civilized life, is by far the most inimical. Please follow our series as we debunk the claims made by the apocalypticists and their media allies.

Walsh begins his column by labeling climate change, Covid-19, and “Russian collusion” as the greatest hoaxes of the modern era, designed by those who intend to harm western civilization. But it is climate change, according to Walsh, that is the most threatening hoax because of its potential to undermine the foundations of civilized life. He urges readers to follow the series at, for the next two weeks, where they will regularly debunk the apocalyptic claims made by the media and climate alarmists. Emphasis mine.

To begin: the climate is always changing. Only an illiterate or a fool cannot understand this elementary concept. There is no need to delve into any scientific studies based on wildly or deliberately inaccurate computer “models” to know this. There is no need to be emotionally stampeded by tiresome, and always wrong, Jeremiahs of doom like Paul Ehrlich. There is no truth in the statistical manipulation that proclaims a full 97 percent of “climate scientists” agree that changes in the climate are the work of mankind. You don’t have to worry about carbon emissions.

The Last Days are not upon us.

Walsh suggests that the “climate movement” threatens to undo Western civilization’s accomplishments in science, technology, and religion, replacing them with an inhuman and godless form of primitivism. The movement, according to him, promotes a culture of fear and guilt with the ultimate aim of controlling the human population. He likens the climate change narrative to a global-scale mass-suicide cult, coercing individuals into reducing their standard of living and lowering their expectations for the future.

Our writers will tackle this topic and more in the coming fortnight, but one thing is clear: you are being lied to on a massive scale by a quasi-Marxist mass-suicide cult — think Jonestown on a global scale — in order that you lower your standard of living, rid yourself of all earthly possessions, abandon your expectations for the future, stop having children, cease all consumption, and disappear from planet Earth.

The rise of this climate movement, according to Walsh, can be attributed to the decline of education, the resurgence of superstition, and an attack on the institutions and essence of Western civilization. Such a cult perceives Western civilization as the ultimate expression of “white supremacy,” advocating for its obliteration.

It is imperative that we break the stranglehold this new form of demonic possession now has on our society.

The column goes on to link the decline of traditional Christianity with the emergence of a twisted form of dictatorial nature worship. Walsh describes this as an ‘unnecessary guilt trip’ over supposed sins against other cultures, which now leverage their lack of scientific and artistic achievements as a critique against the West. He urges society to break the stranglehold this form of nature worship has over our civilization.

Yet. But the “climate movement” bids fair to undo everything Western man has accomplished in the fields of science, technology, and religion and replace it with a savage new primitivism that is both inhuman and godless. It relies on the patina of science to promote a culture based on fear and guilt, with the goal of reducing and taming the human population under the aegis of a small group of self-appointed bonzes.

Walsh then provides examples of how governments are implementing radical measures to satisfy this new wave of environmental fanaticism, from Holland’s seizure of farmers’ land to Ireland’s plan to cull cattle to meet emissions targets. He points out the absurdity of these measures, noting that cattle have historically been integral to Ireland’s national identity. These actions reflect the disturbing trend towards sacrificing cultural and economic stability in the name of climate action.

But the greatest deception, Walsh argues, lies in the portrayal of carbon emissions as a destructive force. He reminds us that carbon is the basis of life as we know it:

The bugbear du jour is “emissions,” a nebulous, one-size-scares-all excuse imposing an otherwise clearly insane policy on a body politic that has never once voted to starve itself to death. Our feminized culture has been so browbeaten by the Left’s shameless propaganda that the very sight of a wisp of smoke or the hint of a fart now gives a manipulated populace the vapors. Worst of all are “carbon emissions,” which have been dishonestly linked to “climate change” and have created a perfect storm of panic and fear among the gullible.

“Carbon is life. It exists in every organic life form. Life is impossible without it… The carbon atom is the essential building block of life. Every part of your body is made up of chains of carbon atoms, which is why we are known as “carbon-based life-forms.”… To attack “carbon” as an evil is to attack yourself; to eliminate carbon is to eliminate humanity.”

Walsh includes this excellent report on the benefits of CO2 from the CO2 coalition.

Walsh concludes by debunking the urgency around “climate change,” stating that the Earth will continue to warm and cool until the sun dies. He dispels the panic surrounding a global temperature rise of two degrees centigrade, arguing that a slight warming would actually be beneficial for humanity. He warns against the nefarious intentions of the World Economic Forum and its commitment to the reduction of the human population, reminding us that when you have “net-zero” emissions, you are, in effect, dead.

  • There is nothing urgent about “climate change.” The earth will continue to warm and cool until the day the Sun dies.
  • Nothing bad will happen in either the short- or long-term if global temperatures rise by two degrees centigrade, the arbitrary figure of alarm for the cultists. Indeed, a slight warming will help all of humanity.
  • Many of the people promoting the panic emerge from the malign precincts of the World Economic Forum which, under its Bond villain-in-chief, Klaus Schwab, is dedicated to the impoverishment and reduction of the human population. These are the same people who gave you the recent Covid hugger-mugger, which needlessly atomized the world’s economies and illegally locked down whole populations while cowering from a bug of next-to-zero lethality in the general population.
  • When you have “net-zero” emissions, you are dead.

His closing word, a powerful one, describes the current climate alarmist scenario as “Evil.” He calls upon readers to combat this evil not idly or half-heartedly but with the force of one’s strength, mind, and body.

There is a fine line between taking the necessary measures to protect our planet and propagating fear to serve vested interests. Michael Walsh’s column provides a thought-provoking perspective on this critical issue. It is crucial not to let the narrative become a tool of manipulation and control.

Whether you agree with Walsh’s religious perspective or not, his points of the evolution and motivation of the Climate Change Cult are extremely strong.