Claim: Aussies Should Learn Communication Skills from Greta Thunberg

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From Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Greta Thunberg the Convicted Criminal. Source Breitbart, Fair Use, Low Resolution Image to Identify the Subject.

“… Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover what climate deniers are actually scared of. …”

Why Greta Thunberg really irks some Aussies

By Dean Frenkel | 4 August 2023, 8:00am

Climate activist Greta Thunberg possesses intelligence, articulation and integrity that many Australians should aspire to, writes Dean Frenkel.

WHY DOES Greta Thunberg provoke the angst of so many conservative Australians? She speaks better than the vast majority of them.

Her expression is direct. She makes her points without beating around the bush, throwing in niceties or taking the back road. She looks truth in the eye and tells it how it is. Usually, this trait is attractive to Australians who like to call a spade a spade — but not in Greta’s case.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover what climate deniers are actually scared of. Their fear is not about reckless human excess damaging the planet, polluting the waterways or poisoning the air. Their fear is about Greta triggering a whole new generation of Greta Thunbergs who are angry, articulate, loud, confrontational and better at expressing themselves than any previous generation.

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Greta is not an inspiration, she is an ignorant troll who dresses in plastic while demanding the world abandon fossil fuel.

Greta Thunberg wins €1 million climate change prize. Source Sky News, fair use, low resolution image to identify the subject.

When Greta is caught out, instead of owning her mistakes, on at least one occasion she apparently deleted the evidence.

Embarrassing tweet allegedly deleted by Greta.

What really irks me though is Greta is a convicted adult criminal who keeps trying to influence our kids.

Greta might have made enough money or might be receiving enough support to not have to worry about the consequences of skipping school and having a criminal record, but what about the young people who Greta influences?

A criminal record can severely impact people’s future life choices. Long after the Greta kids forget their childish climate hysteria, those who followed Greta’s path into criminality could still be paying a heavy price for their youthful indiscretions.

Growing up these days is complicated. The last thing we need is for influencers like Dean Frenkel to amplify the message of adult criminals like Greta. Such amplification can only add to our children’s confusion, by intensifying our kids’ exposure to Greta’s shallow, ignorant and reckless brand of climate doomsday propaganda.