YouTube suppressed this pushback video on heat wave alarmism – let’s give it a second life

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From Watts Up With That?

By Anthony Watts

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From Jim Lakely at the Heartland Institute:

A viral heat wave video was just nuked by YouTube. It’s not just no longer being promoted by YouTube’s algorithm, it’s being actively suppressed. It went from 8,051 total views between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. yesterday to 181 views in that same time period 24 hours later.

A video doesn’t drop in views by 98% in 24 hours “organically.” That is literally impossible — especially since it has the most comments and likes of any of our videos in months. Those are the things that YouTube says its smiles upon because viewers are choosing to engage with the video. People engaged with videos keep watching YouTube, which makes revenue for Alphabet/Google/YouTube. This was done on purpose by ideologues in power at YouTube.

We suspect that many of our climate skeptic videos are suppressed by YouTube, but it’s very hard to prove. How do you prove someone at YouTube is suppressing views to your content? Maybe your video just isn’t “hitting” with audiences. So make better videos next time! Well, this is about as clear as any evidence can be, because it was a HUGE hit with audiences — a timely short video addressing a big story (heat waves) that exploded in views almost instantly — until it suddenly wasn’t.

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