Britain Set To Bask In Blistering 9-Week Heatwave (Or Maybe Not!)

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By Paul Homewood

The silly season is back!

From GB News:

Britain is warming up for a late summer scorcher with the deadly Cerberus heatwave threatening to flick a tail of fire across the nation.

The killer Saharan heat surge, named after the terrifying mythological monster guarding the gates to Hell, is set to turn its gaze towards the UK in the coming weeks.

Alarm bells have sounded for rocketing temperatures next month to kick start a freak two-month autumn heatwave.

British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale says summer could come to a sizzling end.

He said: “There’s still about a 10-per cent chance that we could see a 40C by the end of the summer, the chance is small, but it is there.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, the Met Office forecast:

It should be pointed out here that Jim Dale is one of the nutters who keep forecasting global warming armageddon, so he has zero credibility.