In The Slam Again

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From Watts Up With That?

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach

Well, I wrote before about my time in real-world jail. The court said I was guilty of “Disturbing the Peace”, but we called it “Disturbing the War“. Like most things in my life, it’s a curious story … but I digress.

In any case, I’m now in Twitter jail. Here’s what will likely be my last post on Twitter for a while …

You’d think that after forty years or so of intense study of climate, there would be agreement on the major facts of the field … but noooo …

Here are global temperatures from Berkeley Earth, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, and the Japan Meteorological Agency.

So … are we on the verge of reaching 1.5°C?

And here’s the history of estimates of “climate sensitivity”. This is the central number in the debate, the change in temperature expected from a doubling of CO2. Not only is there no agreement … the spread has gotten larger over time. I discuss this in a post here.

Despite the models having estimates of climate sensitivity that are all over the map, they all can do a tolerable job of hindcasting the past … which conclusively proves they cannot be “physics based”. I discuss this in a post called “Dr. Kiehl’s Paradox“.

And on that ludicrously shaky “scientific” basis, they want to totally redo the global economic, electrical, & energy systems at immense cost, while doing huge damage to the poor.

The truth is, this whole movement has nothing to do with climate. They don’t even try to hide it.

This is one of the most arrogant, least scientifically supported naked power grabs in history. Don’t buy into it. They don’t have your best interests at heart.

Stay well, enjoy this marvelous world, laugh at the lunatics running the asylum …

In friendship,


So I went to bed last night, and woke up to find that I’d been suspended from Twitter, ostensibly for a Tweet I made back in May.

I responded to their “support team” as follows:

Dear friends at Twitter, I fear I’ve been greatly misunderstood. I have NOT violated the Twitter rules against advocating violence. I’ve been suspended for the following tweet:


“I see that James Comer is going to “take steps” against the FBI for concealing evidence of Biden corruption. Steps? Here’s my simple 3-step plan.

1) Fire every single person working for the FBI.

2) Burn the FBI building to the ground.

3) Salt the earth.”


Guys, this was said in humor. It is SATIRE. My apologies if you, or perhaps your algorithms, took it seriously.

Of course I am not suggesting that we that literally we burn down the FBI building and “salt the earth”. I was merely frustrated by the FBI getting away with crimes for which you and I would be jailed for a long period.

And note, even in satire, I didn’t advocate violence against any person. I thought that the last line would make my satirical intent clear.

I mean really, when is the last time that anyone actually “salted the earth”? 2,000 years ago? Surely you cannot believe that that was meant to be serious?

Well, I guess you can believe that, but you would be 110% wrong. I am a peaceful man, I don’t wish harm on anyone.

I ask you to lift this totally improper and unjustified suspension.

I signed up for Twitter Blue to support Elon in his attempts to have a place where people are free to speak their minds, and I politely request you to allow innocent satire such as my tweet to flourish.

My best to you all, and thanks for your work to keep Twitter afloat.


Was I actually suspended for a satirical tweet, or for my very popular posts on the climate scam? We’ll never know.

In any case, I ask everyone who has a Twitter account, please Tweet to @elonmusk to protest this most unwarranted suspension. My Twitter handle is @weschenbach, and their actions are simply wrong. Please link to this post when you tweet a request for my reinstatement, so that folks can understand the issues.

Grrrr …

Regards to everyone,


[UPDATE] This morning, after writing the above, I got the following reply from the Twitter folks, sent at 8.59 AM:


We received your request to have your account reinstated. We are reviewing a high volume of requests and appreciate your patience as it may take longer than normal for us to get back to you with an outcome.

If this request is for an account reinstatement under our new criteria, please allow 5-7 days for us to review and respond.



OK, fair enough.

Then, I got the following, sent 19 minutes later …


Your account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service. After reviewing for reinstatement your account will not be restored.



19 minutes, after telling me how jammed up they are?

I’m getting the feeling that someone in the Twitter lowerarchy doesn’t like me, and/or that they’re using AI rather than humans … please Tweet to protest this nonsense.