Habeck wants to shut down industry if necessary: Ukraine solidarity to the point of collapse

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From auf1.info

By Daniel Matissek

The Greens are now believed to be capable of anything. They themselves make no secret of the fact that they act unscrupulously against the interests and mandate of their own electorate: Baerbock’s “No matter what my German voters say” and Habeck’s “I’m not interested in that at all” are emblematic statements that sum up the whole arrogance of an ideologically radical eco-socialist sect. But now Robert Habeck has gone one better.

Probably never before has a German government politician expressed so brutally and bluntly that he is absolutely indifferent to his own country, his citizens, his prosperity and his future, as Habeck did with his latest statement on Russia and energy policy.

National self-abandonment

The German Vice-Chancellor (!) declares in all seriousness that industrial capacities may be forced to be curtailed or completely dismantled when the gas transit contracts between Russia and Ukraine expire in 2024. Because Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe would then no longer be supplied with gas from Russia, Germany would have to step into the breach.

It is not enough that since the green-dominated traffic light government took office, the most historically unprecedented deindustrialization program in German history has already been underway – as a result of an anti-corporate energy and “climate” policy that not only causes companies to flee and die, but also causes a monstrous destruction of prosperity. Now the national self-abandonment of all the vital interests of one’s own country has reached a new, scandalous climax.

Borders on high treason

Habeck announced this monstrosity on Monday at the East German Economic Forum in Bad Saarow: If Russian gas no longer flows through Ukraine to Eastern Europe to the extent that it is still the case now, what has been agreed upon by Europe will apply. Quite literally, he said: “Before the people there freeze, we would have to reduce or even shut down our industry.”

You have to call a spade a spade: what the German Minister of Economic Affairs postulates here borders on high treason. To sacrifice the continued existence of the German economy and thus the continued existence of millions of jobs for the maintenance of a sanctions policy that is as slavishly executed as it is completely useless, and now even to bring active dirigiste shrinkages into play for this, is a declaration of war on one’s own people.

About the author: Daniel Matissek is a journalist with Palatinate roots, works for AUF1 as well as for various German-language free media (including “Journalistenwatch.com”). Founding editor of the blog “Ansage.org”. Main topics: migration policy, political extremism, democracy and the media landscape. Friend of differentiated nuances, but also passionate polemicist. Motto: “The situation is serious, but not hopeless; But it could also be the other way around.”